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  1. But when u need more $$$ and ur job in which u have interest isn't enough. Then u do a job u dislike but earn more $$$$
  2. Wtf have I done to u. Ofc I will say: Kos Steps U elephant.
  3. We have a Sherlock.
  4. lol
  5. fuck u too :@
  6. The threads dead @Hype666 ;-;
  7. Vipinthemix. Asylum_night (something like that- the map has 2 games roulette and race)
  8. @noobnz LOL 😂😂😂😂 They did and @noobnz did update it, but can't update the map pool rotation. LOL AUSSIECUNT LOL
  9. @Asuna <3333333333333333333 say ur stuffs too. and a photo of ur system like the one GHOST posted :D
  10. Well they shouldn't in the first place. If someone sees them doing and reports them, they will be donezo.
  11. Not a pic. I NEED IT IRL.
  12. Gotgay u silver shit :@ @NeonWaffles he's a cunt. @sl0wness coz he's a 18 yr Uncle @Joey1029 hasn't given me my pixel xl phone @TinaSprout y not? @BallisticBacon / @Ballistic Bacon fake kz pro
  13. i legit think u do this on purpose. hi shadows :D
  14. Come back. Spam ur slam and noclip+jihad Miss those shits
  15. U alive......