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  1. +1
  2. I am not dumb u idiotic fucker
  3. Now u reply ;-;
  4. uhh

    U remember I was B4 cailen 😠
  5. Here u r witnessing a 19yr 6month guy acting as a 8yr old kid for vet smh 😂
  6. Have chests as gun spawner instead of a gun floating in air or on the ground.
  7. its says Down for maintainence while 2 ppl r online
  8. Heck u can't even play on SG server (At least I can't )
  9. Till infinity and beyond I shall call u. It was hilarious AF when that kid called u and tiena 😂😂😂
  10. U remember DJ Romulus and DJ raivert ?
  11. uhh

    U fuck cunt
  12. I played coz CAILEN was try hard kid (was funny coz who the fuck is a try hard)and had a private bind to slap me (now he no slap me ;-;) But the reason was there were no servers near my area. So I went to google typed "CSGO servers" gametracker website is on the top. And believe it or not Slayer JB was on top (I know wtf) with hellsgamers following. Tried SG and loved playing on it.