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  1. Hi

    you took ur time.
  2. hi

  3. I respect ur ass
  4. Fuji y u leave us :( No1 give him vet. He's dunzo
  5. ....... U feel it? U r blind too.
  6. Wtf. U haven't been here long enough. Farewell zezzo.
  7. Fuck u and ur pixel XL.
  8. Don't waste ur time jailbreaking iOS. If it would've been Android u could do shit with a root phone.
  9. U have changed. From now on u shall wear a weeb mask during our robberies.
  10. ffs I told u already
  11. Not even u.......... Wtf is wrong with these trade admins.
  12. @Ghos੮ <------ mostly this guy @Rush101 @sl0wness <---- #2 @Asuna <333333333333333333 <---- fake Forgot the rest trade admins ;-;
  13. Not worth for HOS
  14. Any thoughts on this guy? @Vorx