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  1. -1 Hours Only on ttt
  2. Thanks @thorgot :)
  3. -1 have u ever logged on other servers.
  4. -1 U have 12.9 hours in JB 3.5 hours in surf-rpg
  5. Seem!!!!!!! HE IS A NICE GUY. +1
  6. Ryzen 5- 1600 Rx 470
  7. @Joey1029 Even neutral.... But......
  8. +1 Just get it hours up.
  9. -1 Just because of what he did when he was paidmin. (now I can't target privates ;-;) If ignoring that then a +1
  10. -1 With me he's never done any fucked up shits. But almost everyone else says he's a dumb guy and does idiotic shits
  11. -1 new guy or old guy. You need to get more hours.
  12. Oh I forgot jump rope was there.
  13. Can u make the corridors a bit wider. It's easy to go hide in RACE and when a CT is near the entrance, just shank him. Wider so that the CT will have "some" time to react and not instantly die. Instead of POOL area can we have JUMP ROPE or a new climb section. And remove the LONGDROP winner section somewhere else, or make it so that they r enclosed in a cube. Also remove the color game thing in price is right room, literally 95% of people don't know how to play it.