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  1. HP sometimes doesn't update for a player. In that case just relog to fix it.
  2. Thou r fake.
  3. +1 knows the rules.
  4. That'll be 12-20 hrs a month. That's just about the minimum hours. -1
  5. hi

    Door handle
  6. U haven't seen his pro skills on d2 +1 chill guy to be with
  7. -1 seen u once, toxic af just because someone was offering 75-80 % and eventually u made him leave. And try to increase ur time on server.
  8. +1 not toxic and was a good admin
  9. GL getting it from @Joey1029 I am still waiting for my Google Pixel XL
  10. Can u still say in cell orders or not? Like can u still say "AFK freeze with ur back touching the cell door" @noobnz
  11. +1 chill guy uncle and knows the rules for ssa and private
  12. Ok 9.51$
  13. Pay bail 5$ if u pay in 5minutes 10$ otherwise
  14. No1 truly leaves SG
  15. UNCLE. welcome back u 18yr old uncle.