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  1. Cya zoid. Hf :) now I can fucking ban u hehehehehe
  2. C u in two weeks? Hf :)
  3. Really hos everything now? @Seagull
  4. This has to be seagulls child.
  5. Bye hf.
  6. @kush X P O S E D !!!!!!!! called out'd
  7. Xmod for the win?
  8. Hi. Admin apps r open at the end of each month. Theres a post by a root saying the when the apps will be open. And they usually have it on their main page too
  9. Think about the hot chicks u get to meet and "train" them.
  10. What! When? Wtf?
  11. U mean this guy? @Warden Frostwater Is so he's still here.
  12. @LCpl. Furry What do u think, that this topic wasn't brought up before? Regarding toxicity freedom of speech is a main reason. And this community stands out coz of this freedom. Favouritism can't be controlled. As u said it's a human nature. If u want to change a bit of this shits, just don't make a post on forums (just don't). And do something on the servers.
  13. It's 3 hrs already write some more
  14. Not me..... DUMB BIRDO