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  1. If only we had something for that like say a rule breaker report.
  2. Ok so i did not see it my self but also did not ban of of what one person said multiple people told me you killed someone based off of location and sound
  3. remove banana bring back alien
  4. I think it would be great if guards spawned in the cells and prisoners spawned in armoury
  5. I want to hear what you think makes a jailbreak map good or bad or even things you would like to see in maps.
  6. like this in 5 seconds or bad luck for 69 years


  7. Name: NeonWaffles Your Age: 18 Your SteamID (MUST be formatted STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:1:89501001 When did you join SG? late 2015 What Development Position are you applying for? (Mark with X) [X] Map Developer [ ] Graphics Developer [ ] Coder [ ] Event Developer How much time per week do you plan to devote to this? about 5 to 7 hours Why do you want to fill this position? I just enjoy stuff like this and want to make maps that the community would like to see Explain how you intend to be successful in this role: Make new maps based on what the community wants How much knowledge do you have about what you are applying for (e.g. Proficiency, Languages, etc.)? When it comes to hammer I do not have to much experience but it is similar to other programs that i have a lot experience using such as Auto CAD and 3ds max studio. If you have a portfolio please post it below (optional): How much assistance (from Staff) do you expect you will need? Just tell me what to do. Failing to fulfil your role/duties in the development team will result in your privileges being removed. Do you agree with the above terms? Yes
  8. No idea why it does not show up but it was the same earlier when it happend to yellow fish
  9. Because it was a vote ban it wont show up and cant be remove but it should be finished within the next 10 min
  10. Wont be able to make this meeting is anyone recording it?
  11. -1 i think you are great bunny but you are to young to be admin
  13. +1 is very good admin and knows the rules