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  1. Accidentally on purpose.
  2. Myself
  3. (You're welcome ;-) )
  4. May I recommend Hooked on phonics?
  5. Long time no see everyone, Hope you're holidays are going great. It's been about a month since I was last on here, And I'm reading all these posts about people leaving because of disagreements, People being harassed (Grow the fuck up), and the possibility of the community coming to an end. Now i'm not sure of any specifics on anything that's going on, and I understand I'm not involved at all in the clan anymore so my two cents probably aren't even worth a shit. All i'm sure of is the I consider everyone i've met in this clan is a friend in my book, and some us go back quite a bit to be honest. I've known President, Puppy and balls and a few others since I was 18-19 and now i'm going on 25 years old next year, And it honestly sucks to see that it all might be ending on a shitty note from what i've read. So what's going on? Hopefully I'm able to get a PC here soon but i'm super busy with everything right now and everything with me is great, But I still miss one of my favorite stress relievers and that is playing CS with my buds. Like I said im curious as to what some of these issues are and if possible lets discuss them on here in a civil, calm and logical manner. From what it sound's like to me is some people are taking this "GAME" too seriously, WHICH in some aspects is fine. Just don't stress about it I don't understand that part. it's all supposed to be about fun. Also in that respect I know myself to be an issue in the past, don't get me wrong. I know i'm the guy who would come in and play around too much and interfere with the game sometimes. From my honest stand point is I like to TRY to be a sense of "comic" relief. I like to have fun and try to make everyone else have fun also, I like to make people laugh. I like coming in and busting peoples chops and try to keep it fresh and down to earth. While sometimes malevolent to some it was never meant like that and even when it would sometimes get out of hand, I would try and make up for it and be fair to everyone. Respawn whoever I killed, etc. Like I said I consider ALL to be my friend, even those who probably can't stand my old ass, Which is totally understandable. I just remember the fun I've personally had on the servers, And to me SG stands for fun and freedom (MERICA). We NEVER tried to take ourselves too seriously and bog down the servers with rules, Mute everyone all the time ETC. Now don't get me wrong we NEED rules and we NEED rule enforcement, But at the end of the day it's about people taking some time to de-stress and have a break from their shitty job and bitching girlfriends, to shoot off some virtual rounds at eachother. One issue with me PERSONALLY is I remember the last time I came in to the server, and I would hear shit like "Obsidian can do whatever he wants, He runs the server." NO. Just because I am a veteran or whatever the fuck. One thing I absolutely dislike, and I don't think I am alone here, is favoritism for anybody regardless of their rank and whatever. I do NOT consider myself higher than anybody else in the servers and if I had it my way everyone would have the same exact admin bullshit. And if and when I come into the server and break rules or completely fuck shit up, I WANT you to report me, because it should be fair. If someone else would get banned or reported for doing some stupid shit then it should be the case for everybody, Myself included. All i am is some asshole who plays the game, I had NOTHING to do with server growth or the technical side, I can barely even burn a fuckin' CD haha. Either way at the end of the day it's just about having fun, Everyone needs to remember that. People grow, things change, time moves on. Don't turn a fuckin' video game into a middle school girls bathroom. POINTLESS RANT OVER, YA' CUNTS.
  6. Never tried either of them. How are they?
  7. Well i've found a few that i've been looking at and I wanna get a second opinion on them. I'M NOT BUILDING ONE MYSELF just yet because like I said I have no fucking idea what i'm buying, I'm just getting something right out of the box. Buying a monitor right now is out that's gonna have to wait awhile, I'm looking into hooking into my TV if possible. Also, Does anybody have experience with iBuypower or Cyberpower? Worth the money or are they just cheap parts? Can I interchange the parts in them, Or any PC for that matter? Anyways, Here are the links and BTW thanks for the link for that Razer, President. Laptop: Desktops: Really like this one - I've also found others but their well known brands and I think I can judge those myself. When it comes to ASUS, Alienware, MSI etc, Which would you say is the best? Also one more thing, I can hook up a PC to a TV as a monitor VIA USB? BTW sorry if I'm making this stupidly complicated, Perfectionism is a bitch sometimes.
  8. Looks good. I'm not sure I trust ebay though. I've never bought anything of it just because I don't feel safe, but this is going in my favorites.
  9. Alright so building a PC as of right now is not an option for me with my current income. For the past 3-4 years, I've wanted to build myself one but of course life factors have gotten in the way of me comfortably investing money into one, And it's a real shame because I would have liked to gain more knowledge on the subject, As well have control of what I put into it because in the past of just buying computers that usually go to shit after about 3-4 years. I have other things I would like to buy more important to me like music supplies (Drums are extremely expensive), books for school, As well as some money in my savings account for when I move out of here in Feb. Of course I'll have a better job in the future to support myself but right now time has been more valuable due to certain circumstances.Anyways, I just need a PC for right now for school and to play some CS (Maybe a few other games) but I don't want to buy a piece of shit again for $250.00, And i've got a pretty good job right now so i've got some money to spend. I'm on NEWEGG right now just browsing a little bit but like I said early i don't know too much about this kind of stuff yet, And some advice and suggestions would be appreciated. My budget is between $500.00 to $1,000.00 and I would like to know what brands are good (Lenovo, MSI, Shitfucker, etc.) I would like an Intel i5-i7. Desktop BUT a laptop would be nice just for portability but either way I don't care. Just post some links or some advice suggestions would be nice and much appreciated. Nothing to crazy just something to run CS really well and maybe a few other not to demanding games. PS: Please don't turn this into a big nerd circle jerk argument."FUCK YOU DUDE THE XTZ 900 MODEL SUCKS YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOUR TALKING ABOUT JUST KILL YOURSELF OWNED.." (sucks own wiener)"
  10. R.I.P
  11. Just won $5.00 on a $2.00 scratch off. New compooper here I come. In all seriousness though, I thought I'd come say hello while I have access to a PC and see how everyone is doing. I'm doing not to shabby myself. I gave my old laptop to my brother so he could take some classes, Thing was garbage anyways. Happy Halloween all and happy poo year.
  12. Alice in Chains is the shit, son. Their new stuff is great also.
  13. Well hello there my old friends, How's life treating you?
  14. I concur.