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  1. lol

    who is this? also what happend to kate?
  2. umm?
  3. why does everyone now care about slayers lately.
  4. inb4 patches /thread this.
  5. (i'l take the warning) your steam id is your profile url.
  6. wheres thread bot when u need him?
  7. prey pubg maybe civ 6
  8. resident evil 4 hd
  9. *sigh* i want one.....................
  10. i was ten years old making a playstation account. for some reason wildcatjake came to my head. almost every account i made had wildcatjake or some form of it.
  11. Come back to JB, we need the oldfags back

    1. Ballistic Bacon

      Ballistic Bacon

      i remember abused and afraid

  12. tell your daughter to stop biting on my cock next time. hmmmm k
  13. wildcatjake21