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  1. I'm not joking though
  2. Bro I'm not the shooter lmao it's gonna be a nigger. Don't worry about notifying the police, they already know.
  3. So within approximately 2 weeks, a gray Honda Accord with a license plate starting with a G will be pulled over, I'm assuming in Texas. The guy will get attempt to shoot the officer(s) with a .45, it was just a meme when I was saying it will be me. Just a heads up in case this actually happens.
  4. i remember one time I was so high on bars that I got a paintball pod and put one sock inside another, put them inside the pod and stretched the ankle part over the edges of the pod and used a rubber band to hold them in place. I fuckin put shampoo in them and started fucking it, but I was doing it with the bathroom door open just chillin on the toilet and my bro's gf walked in... Pretty sure I just kept going
  5. Ez, tell him to fuck off and if he tried coming at me stab him...
  6. I have a little Alienware laptop that runs all my games at 60fps, CSGO at 300+. Was like $1400 for 14" but dropped down to $700 or something like that now. P sure the 17 wouldn't be that much more.
  7. 3-5pm in what time zone tho
  8. Suggestion: add a simple compass that tells you which direction you're facing (NESW). I'm not really sure if there's a command you can put in console for this already, but I'd sure love to see it on the surf servers. I'm surely not the only one that ends up screwing up halfway into the map and wants to be able to telehop when they mess up facing a different direction from the spawn. I find myself slamming into a wall sometimes when that happens. I'd say it'd be pretty convenient considering that sometimes when you mess up, you won't have time to get the speed to get a good telehop again. That or you're just a lazy fuck like me that doesn't feel like going through the process.
  9. Yeah true, we've got a bunch of faggots that come on and either play cringey ass techno garbage or dead memes.
  10. I think SLAM just needs a volume cap tbh, that's the real problem.
  11. You guys need to stop getting triggered over name calling, I get that 99% of SG is <17, but seriously? This fucking gay orgy of a community is all you guys have going for you. Stop whining tbh.
  12. +1 cool guy, seems to be cool with most people. Only problem is the daytime ear rape.
  13. I've had my a40's for over 2 years and never had an issue with them other than the poor microphone quality which is most likely because they're the console version, great sound quality.
  14. msay is the big fucking message that pop up on the side of your screen
  15. they told you in msay scripting is bannable