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  1. Hi

    hello there :)
  2. Welcome :)
  3. i smell a cheater
  4. Welcome
  5. Hello
  6. @nvg | I lose not win trolled about giving me a knife @Gambino never gave me a key for winning, wasted my 20 min
  7. Spread love not hate
  8. Ye and is it alright with you if you use the app so i can add you on there?. Playing on your phone is way easier than on your pc. I can't add you when im using the app and youre using the web.
  9. Ye im free after 2pm so maybe at 3?
  10. And you can't even create you're own profile picture smh
  11. its ok i understand that you're new Welcome xD
  12. So will I have to add everyone here or how will this work exactly?