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  1. We should watch only horror movies..that shit would be fun
  2. @Kaz ^v^ kabi kushi kabi gam? ;)
  3. @Birch idk if he was admin but he is still the best old player
  4. +1 Despite the stuff he has done in the past, he really did change this time :>
  5. +1 good admin
  6. -1 -1 -1 -1 -1
  7. +1 how many minutes do you give for nap time?
  8. Almond joy <3 very good (it's coconut chocolate with almond bar) Kit kat Oreo Hersheys bar There's Mexican candy as well such as lucas or those sour mango/watermelon lollipops
  9. I knew it
  10. Did you get the job yet
  11. Hello
  12. pistachio ice cream
  13. Why must traitors kill detectives as well to win the game :(
  14. Bmw looks like an old person would ride it. You know...those who are retired and buy themselves some nice cars. As for infiniti looks more like a drag race car xD you be looking all cool and shit in it.
  15. he has more likes than you so you shouldn't be talking