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  1. uhh

    I want one so bad
  2. L enter, S enter, D enter

    If you know what i mean 

    1. kush


      Lucy in the sky with diamonds 

    2. Gambino


      you're having a party? inv me

    3. .Doc.


      If you're a traitor you will get this

      Cough @Monkey

  3. Gambino wasn't worth it
  4. Also, make sure as an inno or detective to give time for a person to ID a body they just killed. For example, you see someone kill a player. Don't shoot him right away assuming he is the traitor, give him time to ID the body because he might have killed a traitor. But if he walks away from the body without IDing it, then you can assume he is the traitor and therefor you should kill him. Btw feel free to add me on steam if you have anymore questions regarding TTT rules :)!
  5. Make ur next post worthy of 400 posts
  6. Don't make me do another one plz :(
  7. I'm very happy for you Warden! I'm glad you're able to rest now. You deserve it my man!
  8. Are you saying that he is your brother?
  9. keloy's kidney
  10. ^ such party poopers
  11. you shouldn't be sad because sad spelled backwards is das and das not gud

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    2. .Doc.


      kommen auf mich

    3. Tinkles


      Nice Nick Bunyun reference. I caught that

    4. .Doc.
  12. I thought I could be a doctor but knew it would take awhile, so instead I named myself Doc so that way I feel good when someone calls my name like I've achieved it. I'm so good.
  13. I'm so confused Is this how you see me? -_-
  14. Can ya draw me a picture like this but it's holding a card on one hand that says my name xD ! Thanks man!