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  1. Wait are you being serious?
  2. Let's ask adolf that question
  3. I was basically a new fag when the old fags were here.. does that count ? xD
  4. That is true. We can make the self mute limited though..maybe 5 min or so
  5. I don't know about that part but if they do end up targeting the admins we can always use admin chat and if they don't read it, welp their fault for muting us in the first place.
  6. You guys realize that self mute is only for them, meaning when they mute someone they are only the ones that can't hear the person they muted, not the whole server. I don't see how that is abuse.
  7. Ye i mentioned the scoreboard, but again when the server is full you can't see all the usernames on the scoreboard. Unless i'm in the wrong and there's a way you can view em all.
  8. Recent post complaining about mic spammers and how admins are rarely on trade, i figured we can add !sm plugin where people can self mute people themselves if there isn't an admin on. Yes they have the option to mute them using the scoreboard but when the server is full they cant see all the names on the scoreboard. This can also apply in surf..
  9. I say allow kos off sound but if they kill the wrong person they get 3 slays. Basically taking the risk lol
  10. +1 Even tho its nice having that kind of advantage, i can totally see how annoying it would be for the guards
  11. Adolf :( He made ttt fun
  12. rip video size watch me trikz
  13. :(
  14. +1 my friend's name is rana
  15. ^ Also remove or at least fix desperado, there is this one spot a player goes to it lags the server