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  1. yes
  2. #rivet4vet
  3. first cssJB map was a hellsgamers map don't ban first gmodJB map was summer first csgoJB map was a map i forgot but i got ctbanned for baiting first slayersJB map was minecraftparty i think?
  4. half my friends say their deathadder broke in a few weeks and the other half say they're still working i even witnessed a guy's deathadder breaking in a few weeks in a kz server it's a coinflip
  5. logitech g700 is very heavy compared to other mice g303,g403,g502 are all very good mice
  6. teamspeak's the arena
  7. ok
  8. Hi

  9. punch*
  10. we want tp smoke back let's tele into armory into obama and into walls again
  11. Keloy's arm
  12. like 6 slices of pizza