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  1. @themonkey nothing, i just stopped playing on ttt
  2. you can take away my admin on ttt, not playing ttt anymore,
  3. +1 he is my brother<3
  4. +1 good guy, is going to be a great admin<3
  5. New form submission from Ban Appeal Your name in game: FadeAway Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:125806520 Server this took place on: 10man [Optional] Map this took place on: mirage Admin responsible for ban: Martin Time of ban: 4:20 cst Length of ban: perm Reason for ban: ghosting? [Optional] Other admins present at that time: mo jgamby and others Why should you be unbanned: ok so mo asked me in chat if i was ghosting cuz i killed him in conector and i looked at the scoreboard and i took the first spectator witch in this case was lizard so i said lizard (for fun) and then like (2) rounds later lizard and me gets banned [Optional] Screenshots/Videos: didnt take any [Optional] Anything else you would like to say: it was a joke i didnt mean it!
  6. Batpaws you own me 10$ Lol
  7. +1
  8. +1 /shelp me
  9. Im replying for gambino, sense he is banned. "I didn't know it was the real samurai, i asked obey and other people and people didn't tell me. It was a mistake and i am sorry xd" that was gambino"s words
  10. I was on when it happened, Michael was being a massive *** and was mic spaming and spaming admin chat, so i agree with the mute and gag, and if michael was smart and looked at forums more he would have known not to mess with warden under this timezone of his life, so yeah, if i was the judge i woukd say that michael was a massive *** and that he did wrong but im not so.... Please don't consider this a shitpost
  11. Finally I can play today, will be on in like 5 hours, cya then


  12. Sorry for not playing, There is a lot of school work 

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    2. SonyyyD


      Don't fade away :^)

    3. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      lol jesper you are fine dude. school always comes first


      besides you did over 15 hours this month, no way you can get stripped lol for not committing that.

    4. Marley


      I've seen your snapchats you're not doing school work kek 

  13. when you select an admin model you get a random ct skin for some reason, its not a big deal for me but mabye for the donatiors or some admins. /I dont know if it only my game but when i type /models it dosnt show anything. And some non admins and non donatiors gets admins skins. (dont bully me for my english<3)
  14. and it keeps going, "the guy" just got the same thing
  15. i was there, and first it looked like a clitch then i happened to 2 other people,who didnt change there name/nametag, so idk whats happening