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  1. If you knew nobody would give a fuck, which is true, then why make the post lmao.
  2. All ranks were reset, which is fine. The only problem is that rpg upgrades don't work. Please fix thanks. EDIT: If you join the server and get to level 10 for example, when you leave and join again your level is reset.
  3. :mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs::mrkrabs:

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    2. ASAP
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      ew, vote trump you bitch

    4. Gambino


      @Parches alright patches i brought him back, can i get ranger pls

  4. nonononono Slayers Gaming is nothing without abuse. Slayers NEEEEEEDS abuse. Just imagine how boring forums would be without autistic admin abuse reports.
  5. I wasn't there but I swear this isn't meant to be a shitpost. In Surf rpg its possible to hit some pretty ridiculous shots. Many times it seems like someone is hacking but they really aren't, especially if they are actually good at the game. If this guy really wasn't spectated before being banned then someone should either pull the demo if possible or he shouldn't be banned at all.
  6. Ban should be 3 weeks for him going out of his way to get the 2 weeks and insult Joey. Tbh
  7. Reset Surf RPG you cuck 

  8. hul

  9. now patches that is not very nice. like I CLEARLY SAID its not very high priority, but if you could just add those two skins, it would be quite nice.
  10. This isn't really a super high priority but if ruby and sapphire knives could be added to the skin plugin, that would be really nice.
  11. +1 tbh he ain't bad
  12. -1 Pure autism and rage
  13. Anyone who plays the server often knows that's another stupid lie you made up to excuse your autism. I'm not going to argue with you, but lying to get admin isn't going to work. EDIT: ✪kennys: when does ppl who sigmnde up get admin?