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  1. Chess doesn't get you pussy. #1 is a lie!
  2. This kid is amusing. I say leave him banned on servers and let him cry on forums with his overdramatic bullshit.
  3. What are you trying to say lol. I took the screenshot off youtube, didn't do any of that editing shit
  4. I wasn't saying anything about you lol I was just memeing asuna. I personally don't really care about his admin abuse report, but I'm assuming you're talking to slowness lol.
  5. hmmmmmmmmmm
  6. This perfectly explains why you rdm so much, you don't know the fucking rules. There has never been a time when you couldn't call false koses as a t. Rules aren't hard to read.
  7. -1 for obvious reasons
  8. And he's fat.
  9. Who the fuck made you root?
  10. Oh god no, not Get_Money lmfaooooo
  11. You don't seem to realize that you're not getting your admin back
  12. My butthole is always ready for you :)
  13. you didn't even deny it lmao
  14. Can I just point out that Avi is literally the most autistic, toxic, fag on TTT. Him, of all people, making this post is very ironic.