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  1. you're fucking gay lemoin smashe
  2. This man Sharknado, what a legend wow im actually surprise. Please +1 this nigga sharknado. please. wow
  3. I am touched, Jesse McCree.
  4. lol bye rivet xddddd
  5. HI MATE
  6. Darker than winston as well lol
  7. Apparently this might be the new character in Overwatch ^Interview with here or some shit. IMO im kinda sad that it's not Doomfist, really want Terry Crews to play an Overwatch character.
  8. BILL RIGGED THE SHIT BANN HIM !!!! Congratz kaz :)
  9. you know what you cunt, you're not worth it
  10. You are late my Jewish friend.
  11. While it might be a meme game you still shouldn't be abusing the admin command. You used it through out the whole game and you and your team was killing each other as a meme. While killing each other I guess is fine, using admin commands aren't. My mistake was not stopping you before instead of later in the game. No beef towards you, but you shouldn't make that as an excuse.