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  1. @Dewey
  2. lol redmond told me about this hahaahah
  3. idk 4 months
  4. @Pringle
  5. JGamby is staying, he's doing something right now so i'm saying it for him
  6. you should have made another ddos threat smhhh, cya unnamed :)
  7. alright thanks :)
  8. I got a question noobnz, if i rank up after i put in my rank in our team, does it count as it was before or after. EX: I was GN2 but im now GN3, does it affect the points?
  9. lol kk
  10. New form submission from Ban Appeal Your name in game: Bill nye the nazi spy Steam ID: Server this took place on: Teamspeak [Optional] Map this took place on: Admin responsible for ban: President Evil Time of ban: perm Length of ban: Reason for ban: posting it for bill nye cause he asked me to, this is what he told me to put, "I was told by Dewey that President Evil found me annoying and that I was on his ban list." [Optional] Other admins present at that time: Kate, Yepi, etc Why should you be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I have been apart of the community for almost 2 years now (Started in late May). I know that time means close to nothing but I have been a member of the community for a decent amount of time. I have been active and I enjoy playing with my friends. The ban I felt was unfair but I could understand where President was coming from. If I do get unbanned I will not bother President Evil at all. I wouldn't mind keeping the forum ban but all I would request is an un-ban from TeamSpeak. With this, I will be able to play with my friends that I play with daily and have fun with. Also, I would take a ban on any channel that President doesn't want me to join (such as Kate's channel or his own channel). I have loved this community and have made so many friends that I do not want to lose. The people I play with make me enjoy myself more than I would without them. If President wants, I will make a personal apology to him and any other staff members that President feels deserve an apology. I will try my best to not be annoying and not bother President at any time. I was never intending to be annoying I was trying to give a little laugh or giggle every once in awhile. I have been in drama before and I apologize sincerely for it. If I have come off toxic I apologize for that also, I will try to make it a more positive environment the best way I can. When I was banned I became upset with all of the friends that I would be disconnected with. All I request is a TeamSpeak un-ban so I can enjoy time with my friends that I have made here. Thank you for reading this. -Bill Nye the Nazi Spy [Optional] Screenshots/Videos: [Optional] Anything else you would like to say:
  11. lol
  12. thanks bb :)
  13. omg noobnz what you just posted just ended slayers... ty
  14. At the time i was GN2, i recently just ranked back up to GN3, and I was GN4 a couple weeks ago. Lose and Fadee can confirm
  15. im not gnm lol but nt