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  1. pce
  2. kill some time
  3. im the best let me in coach
  4. ye wat he said is true i banned u first cause i did ask u 20 times and u didnt say anything so i did then u talked on mic then i said oh well we didnt want 12 year olds on ct anyways and unbanned u cause u talked on mic ???????
  5. pro player looking for a team season 1 rank 28 !!!!11111!
  6. didnt u know shiro were a unturned community!!!
  7. Hai

    un forestero
  8. TPs per day 10 XP rate (currently 3x) 3x Gather Rate (currently 2x) 2x but can you make it so things stack past 1000? makes no sense having 2x but no stacking over 1000. Smelting Rate (currently 5x) 5x Map Size: imo its fine Also we really should include /remove plugin its used on a bunch of servers and you can just make it so the person who placed the building / item etc is the only one that can remove it so people cant just remove a base.
  9. Name:Vuji Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:95772599 Cup size: water bottle idk
  10. pls me