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  1. hi

    fuck you drewboo
  2. hey patches
  4. yo im done pce, @sl0wness can have my server lead bye love u all no hard feelings <3 ill still hop on servers and definitly will hop on surf tho when it comes out
  5. well shit
  6. Hi

  7. see ya sennbad was always fun playing with u
  8. +1 his toxicity is his charming personality
  9. "some" things xd
  10. @Zedigy Ya i know icehax was there killing me why do u think i said i still let them kill me still and still give other person lr?
  11. a blessing from the gods @Valentin
  12. @Zedigy I barely noclip tf you mean, and when i do it's cause i accidently get stuck in a wall and noclip spam bind like 4 times lol. And when i 1up myself i don't go around trying to kill people again or some shit ill let them kill me??? also use noclip to stop from falling off map cause i do that a lot shhh we dont talk about that one
  13. yo