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  1. all i see is plue's next victim
  2. When i never showed my dick i asked some1 that was there then just said i shoved mustard down my pants not showed my dick not even showed a pixel of my dick - huey
  3. @Zeezo @Lupus
  4. -1 fag
  5. @Rush not that hard to kill people trained to kill themselves
  6. pce
  7. kill some time
  8. im the best let me in coach
  9. ye wat he said is true i banned u first cause i did ask u 20 times and u didnt say anything so i did then u talked on mic then i said oh well we didnt want 12 year olds on ct anyways and unbanned u cause u talked on mic ???????
  10. pro player looking for a team season 1 rank 28 !!!!11111!