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  1. Me: Avast, don't set gravity for ANY reason Avast: Ok, I won't
  2. Number 1 tip to getting admin: Do not argue with people who -1 you for any reason. It only makes your case worse
  3. On mobile, it is in cursive and looks dogshit
  4. Welcome Please change the font
  5. Gonna get a new monitor
  6. Pug will get too competative I feel. We have not really had an event where we played for fun.
  7. Unban my nigga Asuna aswell
  8. suh dood
  9. +1 and also replace ck with the bhop timer
  10. Cya fam. I'll miss you too
  11. Cya bud. I'll miss you
  12. How tf are you gonna give away dota 2 when it's free
  13. Sick
  14. Hey