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  1. Me: Avast, don't set gravity for ANY reason Avast: Ok, I won't
  2. Number 1 tip to getting admin: Do not argue with people who -1 you for any reason. It only makes your case worse
  3. On mobile, it is in cursive and looks dogshit
  4. Welcome Please change the font
  5. Gonna get a new monitor
  6. Pug will get too competative I feel. We have not really had an event where we played for fun.
  7. Unban my nigga Asuna aswell
  8. suh dood
  9. Cya fam. I'll miss you too
  10. Cya bud. I'll miss you
  11. How tf are you gonna give away dota 2 when it's free
  12. Sick
  13. Hey
  14. It'd be lit Capture the flag