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  1. Cuz fuckwads like you dont belong in any community. Unban everyone except nollyn. That would be funny
  2. You came to our forums, shiro banned you from servers before you could play. Suck a dick you bitch.
  3. Hahaha nollyn makes this post after being perm banned from SNG
  4. Dont bully mystic, he got ptsd from working in the shipyards.
  5. Too bad your banned faggot
  6. Nah lmao
  7. +rep this guy helped me out when my mom was dying. Truly is a good man
  8. It cant be revived give up u cuck
  9. Its actually fucking stupid
  10. Give august retired staff btw
  11. Kate's panic attack started it all tbh
  12. Sorry guys i killed slayers
  13. How could you make the servers more empty than they already are
  14. They are gonna add vaulting within the next couple months