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  1. Ya i will be on discord in a couple min
  2. Guys it really bothers some people on this site to have to read things!!!! PLZ CLOSE BEFORE PEOPLE READ TOO MANY COMMENTS
  3. This kid joins our discord and says slayers is shit, then comes back here and trashes shiro...hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.
  4. I have never ddosed anyone Dont have a booter Never even searched how to ddos people cuz its stupid. In conclusion: Can I be root?
  5. Monkey is better than erik :thinking:
  6. ;)
  7. I think we should all send prayers for Joey's future marriage considering his odd obsession with underage boys and his previous comment about CP
  8. Glad you survived! He will be stripped immediately for this blatant abuse!
  9. Why u guys fighting when noobnz or a root can just say yes or no. God you guys like drama
  10. @Dycidz
  11. @Greased Up Deaf Guy lets play sunday my dude
  12. Sunday night is best for me @illuminaughty
  13. I didnt know you didnt have a couch or chairs or tv or living room ;)
  14. Josh, only thing you are allowed to do with guys is crack open a cold one, everything else is gay. Duh. Where did he say you have to lay in a bed and watch netflix hahahaha
  15. Spotted the guy who responds seriously in a meme thread