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  1. i miss u

    1. Chondo


      this kids legit never getting unbanned ever ever EVER

    2. Ballistic Bacon

      Ballistic Bacon

      but we still miss him ok

    3. noobnz


      if you miss him you know where to go

  2. Hello everyone, its your boy Scarlet. In light of my ban appeal posted by Kate, I have a few things to say myself. 1. I have been known to be a dick to certain people in this community, especially recently regarding Chondo. I am sorry for arguing with you Chondo in shoutbox, and I should not use that platform to discuss rules, serious issues, or other problems that need to be addressed. I should have heeded the warnings given and ceased arguing. From this point, I will not be active on forums or ts, because I do not want to be apart of the drama that has been developing. If you want to perma ban me on forums and TS, please do. 2. I am sorry for my comment in LG, directed at Chondo. I did not think it was his real IP, and I did not mean to imply that I was going to DDOS him. I would never ddos someone, I do not have the technical skill to ddos someone, and I dont care about my hatred towards people enough to ruin their internet connections and attack them. I didnt think Chondo would see it, and I forgot that Chondo does not know me well and wouldnt understand that I wouldnt DDOS him. So for that, I am sorry. 3. I understand you guys have had many issues lately, and I am sorry for compounding some of them. 4. I want to be unbanned from the servers, because I still like to play with Kush, Yepi, Adolf, Kate, Milky, Bill, and all the friends who play on SG servers. I have never caused problems within the servers, and will not cause problems. 5. I never intended to be a part of an intercommunity flame war. I just want to play games with people that I have come to know and enjoy. So if you could unban me from servers only, that would be appreciated. 6. President, I have said many things to your face, and I meant many of them. I will be completely honest. I dislike both you and Chondo. I should not have done what I did, but I will not backtrack on the criticisms I have posted about this community. I sincerely apologize for the past points, but I still think you both are dicks. Therefore, I am fine with a forum and TS ban. I do not want to be a part of this community drama anymore. I just want to play csgo with my dudes. In conclusion, sorry for the ddos joke made on LG and sorry for calling out Chondo in shoutbox.
  3. Hell ya. I will make noobnz lets you spec and be a commentary for our team ;)
  4. I could maybe offer you a spot on my roster if you want
  5. how is your joke funny tbh? You stole an actually good suggestion from monkey and somehow made people laugh? good one
  6. Chondo getting called out
  7. Put you in!
  8. Team Name: Scarlet's Underage Party Captain: [ScarletTarget] - [GN 1 + 7 Points] Player 2: [Bill Nye] - [Silver 4 + 4 Points] Player 3: [Xray] - [GN 2+ 8 Points] Player 4: [Milky] - [GN 1+ 7 Points] Player 5: [Coolfire] - [MG 1+ 11 Points] Total Points Used: 37 Sub 1: [Pho Dac Biet] - [GN 3 + 9 Points] Sub 2 (Optional but recommended): [Name] - [Rank + Points] Total Points Used (maximum of 15 points for subs):
  9. He did this with bounce parkour too, think he could figure out that it is free by now lmaooo.
  10. @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy @Xrayxander @Coolfire105 @Loda want to join my team?
  11. @noobnz i have two copies of chivalry you can add to prizes, if you want. I have had them forever and havnt found a way to get rid of them
  12. I might take you. I will form my team tonight
  13. I havnt talked to anyone, you got dibs
  14. Join me
  15. I forgot you!! Course you can join my pedo team