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  1. waaaaaaah someone slayed me when I tbaited and then when I complained in the middle of the round about it I got muted. But for real, Kush isn't making shit up to get you in trouble, you obviously just don't completely understand the rules of jailbreak.
  2. sl0wness warned you before you posted it to never post personal information again. You can pay bail if you want to be unbanned.
  3. so if you sent it to him yesterday, why would he ask for you to post it again???
  4. why did you also give it to him privately then?
  5. The trade room plugin makes it so we can't hear audio in demos. Besides the point, if he asked you for it, why not send it through steam instead of in the public chat of the server you retard.
  6. Admin apps are now open and will close on June 29th. Use the following format: (Admin apps are closed for Jailbreak this month)
  7. 10x better than any Sonic game
  8. why do you report people for the stupidest shit but not report people for ddos threats???
  9. you banned her for ban evading when she wasn't banned
  10. she was unbanned a while ago by pres
  11. u r dum ban extended to 1 week
  12. admin applications open at the end of the month
  13. Then you can only swap teams when you're alive which means killing yourself. If people are doing it just tell them to stop, I doubt it happens that often. If they keep it up after you tell them not to then just give them a day ban