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  1. good episode btw
  2. I'll swap it for another model on ttt
  3. First they're upset that adolf isn't banned and now they're upset when he is. I don't know how to please this community
  4. I'll swap it from t to ct
  5. idk I didn't make the post.
  6. that was uther's message history with adolf
  7. what staff member got ddosed?
  8. the original hunter x hunter is better than both tbh
  9. @GotK tag you're it!
  10. We'll know when the old man wakes up
  11. Since I "don't enforce any of my ddosing rules", I have appointed an impartial special prosecutor to investigate the matter @Zeezo
  12. well that's not much incentive for me to fight fair then is it?