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  1. you'll have it when map changes
  2. +1
  3. I gave you staff on the forums so that you could run your tournament, not so that you could remove warning points that zeezo gave and fuck around. I took away everything but the pug server permissions, but when you and pres went to make some other community I just took away all permissions. and if I recall, I remember an autist who was able to run a tournament without staff powers.
  4. Hueysherman added
  5. not funny tho
  6. I told Huey what my decision was and then he made some big thread starting drama thinking he could change that. He also supposedly went into lg and got banned for complaining about slayers and starting shit. Ban stays
  7. If you're going with something as old as an 06 get the Acura
  8. If you don't like it then leave, I know a place where everyone is allowed to make ddos threats that would love to have you. Without the staff there would be nothing, so I'm not gonna do anything about them making jokes.
  9. I just said I didn't care if roots made ddos threats you troglodyte