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  1. +2
  2. shut up bitch dewey
  3. http://gamebanana.com/skins/137233
  4. @Apollo_Outcast ur dum. I'll remove it rn
  5. So Apollo called this number that you had as your name and some girl answered who had no idea what was going on and she was upset about being randomly called. ur dum
  6. uhh

  7. ez badge
  8. I'll add it sometime tomorrow
  9. hello
  10. why do people use a shitty discord server when we have ts??? Edit: You guys should also stop getting used to ddos threats by making them on other platforms, people have already accidentally made threats here because they were used to them at LG Edit 2: Gimme that gift card
  11. hello
  12. Hi

  13. Vote on possible mods for next wipe
  14. Tomorrow the server will be wiping and we will switch over to a two week wipe schedule from now on.