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  1. ???
  2. I was in ts and pres told me to go on and ban you because another admin couldn't figure out how to. Besides that you're a complete idiot who should have already been banned in the first place.
  3. Plenty of people in this community have people added on snapchat and other shit, but I don't think any of them expect or want their pictures to be posted for everyone to see. I don't even know if scooby cares or not, but posting someones personal information on the internet is just fucking mean. Are you still a huge dick: yes
  4. don't know how that's not a dox
  5. So you cry when people make fun of you're furfag friend that you brought here but find it funny when someone is doxed? Also @President Evil you freaked out when people harassed Kate and Carebeers, but this is somehow allowed??? You said you were trying to fix this communities toxicity but you allow this shit?
  6. So do any of the rules on this site matter anymore?
  7. I don't get it
  8. Your video sucks
  9. +1 what everyone else said
  10. -1 30 posts and 0 likes you also made yourself look like a retard when you were trying to defend just do it
  11. "I love rules. They serve a purpose in our society. I love the Slayers. I love their servers and I hate it when their rules are not followed." +1
  12. I have a reason to be upset, people I play with got banned and the servers are going to be less fun because of it. I do agree that it was dumb for watcha to just come out and attack Kate, but they're just mad because pres is cucked enough to ban someone over that stupid of a comment just because it was directed at Kate. If a similar comment was directed at anyone but Kate or Carebeers do you think that they would get banned? You edited in the creepy part after I responded. And to answer your question: it's the fucking internet if you're not used to underage kids making jokes about shit then you shouldn't be here. I didn't know that you were one of the people who needed a safe space.
  13. God you've become such a fag (please don't ban me), I actually used to like you, you stood up to pres when he did shit that you thought was wrong. This is exactly what I'm doing and you're sitting here crying because someone has a different opinion than you. And to your point, Asuna and Moma both had around 40 hours on the servers and Monkey had over 20, making all of them regulars on the server. Moma made reddit posts to bring people in, he made admin guides, he had constant suggestions for the servers. Moma was one of the few people who cared about the well being of the community and this stupid shit drove him from being against the memers, to getting himself banned along with them. I also guarantee that there are at least a few more regulars who were friends with them, who are going to stop playing without getting themselves banned.