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  1. heres one of the greatest memes of all time
  2. wait dont leave, didnt you hear? partches just hired the new staff, @keloy and @Hype666 are gonna take charge and revive this dead community and the servers are all gonna be maxed populated at 64/64 in like a week
  3. ah yes, we've all had our gay moments
  4. heres some emems
  5. I am pleased to announce that Arctic Gaming will be merging with Slayers Gaming. After a few days of discussions we have come to an understanding between their staff, their staff and admins will join us and their community will be dissolved. Arctic Gaming is a smaller community focusing mostly on jail break, their server averages a sizable amount of players and has a lot of cool plugins and those will most likely be added to ours. August is the co-owner and mapper (who was a member here before, some of you may remember him) and Addicted who is the other co-owner and SM coder/web developer. They will help us enhance Jailbreak for now making high quality maps and plugins, having more skilled members available to us will greatly benefit the community. We are going to take things slow and steady, right now they only have server specific admin on JB, as time goes on and we understand each other's strengths hopefully they can help us with other or completely new servers and they are planned to become junior staff after proper evaluation. Please welcome August and Addicted, along with their JB admins As, Alcatraz, Spiffymidget, and Articulate, and the whole Arctic Gaming community. Glad to have you guys on board.
  6. durandal stop it
  7. huh? when did i leave sg, you have post of me saying that or something? rhg was a rust community lol
  8. this community is over 5 years old people, just let it go
  11. later nerd
  12. I find it funny how android tards get triggered and start dancing when a new iphone comes out, probably mad cuz no one cares about their garbage phones that are so desperately trying to imitate iphone ironically this thread isnt a android vs iphone discussion so idk why you kids get so buttmad lel, if you wanna jerk off to android make another thread cuz no one cares here
  13. lol people actually bragging about android dogshit
  14. Im overdue for an upgrade from my 6 Plus i got in 2014, its getting sluggish now with all the software updates, i dont know too much about the new iphones but apparently theres the iphone 8/plus and iphone x ? i dont know what type of features it has but at $800 it better be giving me organisms
  15. and still no new map gayyy
  16. oh noes his career that he stopped caring about long ago ended after 7 years and making a billion dollars in ad rev how will he live with himself nnowwwww
  17. can you change my name to "Capitalist Pig" and make my avatar a pig with a monicle before you step down
  18. if only you would leave for good too :(
  20. this is what i have to deal with everytime 


  21. god damnn ahahaha TBH thw real winners were Gayweather and McGaygor, the are laughing their way to the bank and me :)
  22. Rules: You send the amount betted in keys to a 3rd party, like Zeezo or Patches and they will distribute the prize to the winner after the match. Im putting $100(40 Keys) on Gayweather, any takers?