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  1. post your SRs :-)
  2. you realize this "super car" has parts from an altima lol
  3. please
  4. Come on Frank. I'm very interested in Japanese history and culture. I mean, who wouldn't be interested in roaches that survive two nuclear blasts?

  5. tHIS WEEK'S CONTEST Feb 04-12 surf_mesa_revo_go surf_minuet_v1p surf_mom surf_ny_platinum surf_oma Prize Pool . $46.95. $24.93. $4.07. $2.61. $1.21. $0.55. $0.52. $0.48. $0.43. $0.38. $0.27. $0.27. $0.23. $0.17. $0.14. $0.14. $0.13. $0.10. $0.10. $0.09. $0.09. $0.09. $0.07. $0.05. $0.03. $0.03x2. $0.03. $0.03. $0.03x2. $0.03 CONTEST DETAILS Server record for each map will pick from the prize pool Rules first come first serve (post in this thread after the contest end date) you cannot win multiple prizes (if you've already set a record for a map the next fastest time will be the winner) when you are ready to claim your prize post your name, and steam trade url all timezones are PST
  6. Surf RPG has reset, new features and abilities added.
  7. This system has been put in place to allow rule breakers to redeem themselves, if they genuinely want to continue playing in this community they can use the bail system, if you are eligible for it: 1st ban - you are eligible to appeal it and get 1 chance to be unbanned [No Charge] if your appeal is denied, you may pay $10 in PayPal or $15 worth of skins 2nd ban - $20 in PayPal or $25 worth of skins 3rd or more ban - $40 in PayPal or $45 worth of skins For higher offenses (ddos threats, hacking, etc) bail starts at $20 and doubles every ban. Step 1. Donate the amount here: for the optional note, put your name and the word "bail" Step 2. Post in this thread
  8. admin added
  9. im not playing in this garbage ass tournament where the host doesn't even know how to set up a match with the correct settings
  10. congratulations on the cemo
  11. did you guys get the crashing issue resolved
  12. this is why Trump needs to deport all the mexicans
  13. sent sent
  14. rip

    we dont do donation drives anymore, but you're free to make a gofundme and make a thread about it
  15. lol
  16. not really, I never play csgo competitive enough, 90% of my hours were playing JB, Zombies, Surf, testing plugins/maps or idleing ebic was banned because he was insta-killing people with headshots from 200 meters away over and over, we reserve the right to remove people that are borderline professionals as this is a noob friendly server
  17. both of these players are no lifers on rust with thousands of hours, their skill is so far and above the rest of the people on the server that it's like placing silvers 1 against globals in comp, there is a reason games like csgo and overwatch have a system where you only play against people of similar skill, the rust server is gonna be empty if you allow these types of people in and destroy everyone this isn't a big issue on high pop servers with 100+ players and huge ass maps but on a small server like ours the problem is amplified 10 fold