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  1. Hi fags and faggets, Im making an overwatch high light reel montage with the best ultimate. If you want to be in it please upload your clips and post them here. (use Preferably raw shadowplay clips, unaltered, I need them in high quality. When I get enough all add you in the vid and you'll have your own section of the video with your own clips.
  2. i forgot about it and the expirebox uploads expired lol I hope you can still upload them again
  3. I'll have mercy on your dumbasses and let people vote between you two on who should be unbanned. This is the best I can do. Good luck!
  4. this kid is the definition of cancer and a massive attention whore, I legitimately feel sorry for your parents banned
  5. So I've been reading a lot of threads about how players are being punished for killing players because they went off of sounds. I'm not sure why this wasn't brought up before, but this rule is pretty retarded. The sheer notion of not being able to use one of the biggest senses is pretty mind boggling. The sad part is people being punished are actually using sound correctly, and very time their suspicions have been right. The Killing someone without directly seeing them commit an action. (example - Player hears another player get killed with an AK-47 in the room next to him, Player then continues to shoot the next player he sees with an AK-47. This is a Suspicious act, not a reason to kill someone. Player did not visually see the crime.) rule has been removed If they used sound to kill and they were right, tell them good job, if they turned out to be wrong give them some slayNRs EZ
  6. then they get slays for being wrong
  7. use your own judgement, are you confidant enough to risk getting slays
  8. fixed
  9. Our teamspeak is ran and managed by NFO. They will apply the update when it is necessary. That message you are seeing is simply a reminder that they have changed things and will soon use a different setup.
  10. Advanced Commands Abuse of these commands may result in temp/perm strip sm_extend <minutes> - Extending the map (Example: sm_extend 5 - add 5 minutes to map | sm_extend -8 - subtract 8 minutes from map) sm_clearmap - Deleting all dropped weapons from map (Example: If you have lag by weapon dropping trolls, you can delete all weapon from on ground) sm_teleport or sm_tp <target 1> <leave blank for savedlocation | target 2> - Teleporting a player (Example: sm_tp Bart PeEzZ - teleporting Bart to PeEzZ | sm_tp Bart - Teleporting Bart to your saved position.) (Hint: If you don't know: @me - always you | @t - terrorists | @ct - counter-terrorists | @spec - spectators | @alive - all alive player | @dead - all dead player | @all - all player For saved location teleport, you need to use "!saveloc" first!) sm_saveloc - Saving your position for teleporting (Example: type sm_saveloc, walk elsewhere, type sm_teleport @me your teleported yourself back to saved location) sm_team <target> <TeamID | SPEC | SPECTATOR | T | CT> - Set team of player (Example: sm_team Thomas t - Change Thomas's team to terrorist) (Hint: if the target is alive, the command will kill him) sm_spec <target> - Set player team to spectator (Example: sm_spec Nick - Set Nick's team to spectator) (Hint: if the target is alive, the command will kill him) sm_swap <target> - Swap player's team (Example: sm_swap David - If David's team is T, its change her team to CT, or if CT to T | sm_swap @all - To swap all player) (Hint: if the target is alive, the command will kill him) sm_scramble or sm_balance - Scrambling the teams (Hint: The command will restart the round) sm_give <target> <leave blank for knife | weapon name | thing name> - Give weapons or something to player (Available weapon names below) (Example: sm_give Katie m4a1 - Give M4A1 for Katie | Or you can give fake/joke items for users: sm_give Katie Bacon - this just only say for clients "[SM] Katie got this: Bacon" if the cvar is enabled upper | sm_give @all - Give knife for all) (Hint: You can give anything, the invalid items will be ignored) sm_equip or sm_melee <target> <leave blank for knife | weapon name | thing name> - Deleting all weapons from player and equip one (Available weapon names below) (Example: sm_melee Andy - Equip knife for Andy | Or you can equip fake/joke items for users: sm_equip Andy Rem Cossplay - this just only say for clients "[SM] Andy equipped this: Rem Cossplay" if the cvar is enabled upper | sm_give @ct ak47 - Equip AK47 for all counter-terrorist) (Hint: You can give anything, the invalid items will be ignored) sm_valid_weapons - Show valid giveable weapon names (Example: This command write the available weapon names into your console, available weapon names below) sm_disarm <target> - Disarm a player (Example: sm_disarm @t - Disarm all terrorist) sm_bury <target> - Bury a player (Example: sm_bury Zsolt - Zsolt will be buried) sm_unbury <target> - Unbury a player (Example: sm_unbury Zsolt - Zsolt will be unburied) sm_speed <target> <amount> - Set speed of player (Example: sm_speed Tracer 1 - Set Tracer's speed to normal | sm_speed Tracer 2 - Set Tracer's speed to 2X | sm_speed Tracer 0.5 - Set Tracer's speed to half) sm_respawn <target> - Respawn a player (Example: sm_respawn @dead - Respawn all dead players) sm_god <target> <0/1> - Set godmode of player (Example: sm_god July 1 - Give godmode for July | sm_god July 0 - Remove god from July) sm_health or sm_hp <target> <amount> - Set health of player (Example: sm_hp Albert 100 - Set Albert's hp to 100 | sm_hp Albert +100 - Give +100 health for Albert | sm_hp Albert -100 - subtract 100 hp from Albert) sm_armour <target> <amount> - Set armour of player (Example: sm_armour @alive 100 - Set all alive player armour to 100 | sm_armour @alive +100 - Give +100 armour for all alive player | sm_armour @alive -100 - subtract 100 armour from all alive player) sm_helmet <target> <0/1> - Set helmet of player (Example: sm_helmet @t 1 - Give helmet for all terrorist | sm_helmet @t 0 - Remove all helmet from terrorists) sm_cash <target> <amount> - Set cash of player (Example: sm_cash @dead 100 - Set all dead player cash to $100 | sm_cash @dead +100 - Give +$100 for all dead player | sm_armour @dead -100 - subtract $100 from dead players) sm_kills or sm_frags <target> <amount> - Set kills of player (Example: sm_kills Ginger 100 - Set Ginger's kills to 100 | sm_kills Ginger +100 - Give +100 kills for Ginger | sm_kills Ginger -100 - subtract 100 kills from Ginger) sm_assists <target> <amount> - Set assists of player (Example: sm_assists Chew 100 - Set Chew's assists to 100 | sm_assists Chew +100 - Give +100 assist for Chew | sm_assists Chew -100 - subtract 100 assists from Chew) sm_deaths <target> <amount> - Set deaths of player (Example: sm_deaths Vladimir 100 - Set Vladimir's deaths to 100 | sm_deaths Vladimir +100 - Give +100 death for Vladimir | sm_deaths Vladimir -100 - subtract 100 deaths from Vladimir) sm_mvps <target> <amount> - Set MVPs of player (Example: sm_mvps Balazs 100 - Set Balazs's mvps to 100 | sm_mvps Balazs +100 - Give +100 mvp for Balazs | sm_mvps Balazs -100 - subtract 100 mvps from Balazs) sm_scores <target> <amount> - Set scores of player (Example: sm_scores Stefan 100 - Set Stefan's scores to 100 | sm_scores Stefan +100 - Give +100 score for Stefan | sm_scores Stefan -100 - subtract 100 scores from Stefan) sm_teamscores <TeamID | T | CT> <amount> - Set scores of team (Example: sm_teamscores T 10 - Set terrorists scores to 10 | sm_teamscores T +15 - Give +15 score for terrorists | sm_teamscores T -12 - subtract 12 scores from terrorists) sm_spawnchicken or sm_sc - Spawn a chicken to your aim position Valid Weapons/Items defuser, c4, knife, knifegg, taser, healthshot, //misc decoy, flashbang, hegrenade, molotov, incgrenade, smokegrenade, tagrenade, //grenades usp_silencer, glock, tec9, p250, hkp2000, cz75a, deagle, revolver, fiveseven, elite, //pistoles nova, xm1014, sawedoff, mag7, m249, negev, //heavy weapons mp9, mp7, ump45, p90, bizon, mac10, //smgs ak47, aug, famas, sg556, agalilar, m4a1, m4a1_silencer, //rifles awp, ssg08, scar20, g3sg1 //snipers THE FOLLOWING NAMES MAKING SERVER CRASH: P228, SCOUT, SG550, GALIL, MP5NAVY, TMP, SG552, SCAR17, PRIMAMMO, SECAMMO DO NOT USE THESE OR ELSE YOU WILL BE STRIPPED
  11. idk how to do GOTV, but you can have up to 6 spectators
  12. are we playing today? Im free after 6
  13. @Chondo when is your team free to play, I can do any day Sunday - Fri after 6PM PST
  14. I forgot to mention, I had my coder make a plugin for the PUG server that should move players to spec if they join a team that already has 5 players this needs to be tested though
  15. If you have not already familiarize yourself with the community rules General Old !knife plugin is back since the new one was broken+causing crashes on some servers, this means it will have console spam until the new plugin is fixed. We are downsizing to focus on our core servers, NewbSurf 2 and FFA Death Match have been deleted to free up time and resources to allow us to focus on our more important servers. Jail Break New maps and advanced commands(give, speed, health, etc) coming soon, keep in mind afk freeze will remain a part of the game. Newb Surf Possibly looking into a reset along with new settings based on community feedback. New maps. TTT New maps coming soon.
  16. fixed
  17. when the hell is this thing happening
  18. these commands are for admins with the ban flag aka SSA and up
  19. you need to change the first number in the steam id to 1 if its not already when searching in sb
  20. fgt
  21. GroverWatch