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  1. Every like on this status is a dick in my ass

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    2. noobnz


      every like on this reply is an extra 8 inches on every dick in pres' ass.

    3. Dycidz
    4. Seagull
  2. ill give you a +1 but you may not want to toot your horn about the SG wars too much, considering that was a huge failure of an event
  3. if calien and seagul are gonna get admin, who have been banned for ddos threats then monkey should get it at the very least, newbsurf can use all the admins it can get since it needs traffic
  4. can you explain what it's supposed to do, cuz it's pretty vague
  5. this kanna san guy is on a role
  6. lol
  7. discuss
  8. This system has been put in place to allow rule breakers to redeem themselves, if they genuinely want to continue playing in this community they can use the bail system, if you are eligible for it: 1st ban - you are eligible to appeal it and get 1 chance to be unbanned [No Charge] if your appeal is denied, you may pay $10 in PayPal or $15 worth of skins 2nd ban - $20 in PayPal or $25 worth of skins 3rd or more ban - $40 in PayPal or $45 worth of skins For higher offenses (ddos threats, hacking, etc) bail starts at $20 and doubles every ban. Step 1. Donate the amount here: for the optional note, put your name and the word "bail" Step 2. Post in this thread
  9. i dont care how many shekels it takes, just get me out of elo hell !
  10. DEAL
  11. i want to get a motorcycle (preferably Ducati) but i don't want to die


    what do

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    2. Chondo


      Don't get a motorcycle, easily one of the biggest mistakes living.

    3. Zeezo


      Do it anyways. Fuck life.

    4. Dycidz


      What's the problem with being dead I mean we're all going to die sooner or later fuck it's worth the risk in my mind plus just know what your doing and you will be fine my uncles had a motercycle for 20 years and he's only gotten in 1 minor crash and it was the drivers fault 

  12. yea idk why its like that
  13. what's wrong with it



    1. Mysticmints


      This is how they got me too,when I was but a wee lad.

      Also the army was just like that

    2. Chondo


      hahahaha "are u dudes hitting on us?"


      even the simpsons think the army is gay wow mystic id be PISSED

    3. Seagull


      "what being gay"



    1. Mysticmints



    2. noobnz


      s p i c y 

    3. Seagull


      A u s s i e   c u n t 

  16. very nice barney
  17. fixed
  18. added
  19. > says the scrub that got boosted 1000 SR above his rank and then cries when he gets destroyed, bravo
  20. why didnt you shoot him