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  1. we never got raided all i remember is you constantly running around the map naked and getting killed
  2. shut the fuck up you little faggot
  3. thats dope af brah do you track this bitch or just rev it at stop lights
  4. we need to do an OW tourny again
  5. I did read the article, I was talking about AMD cpus in general, years ago in their high end desktop cpus they were doing 6, 8 and 10 cores MINIMUM while Intel were smoking them with just 4 looks like their shit strategy still hasnt changed
  6. idk how you sick fucks enjoy watching people get multilated and tortured, you find that "entertaining" ? is that your idea of a movie? do you sit there and eat popcorn while a man has to fork his eye balls out to dig for the key stuck in his skull so he can use it to unlock the bomb around his neck? you probably watch isis beheading videos too



  8. ah yes, just keep throwing more unnecessary cores in and hope that makes up for their shitty architecture and design news flash: the majority of programs and games don't even utilize more than 2 cores so whats the point of this? substitute for a house heater?
  9. They are a great tool for stimulating the mental activity of autistic children.
  10. tis was not me
  11. it's a 3-way tie between Durandal, Hergs and King Barney
  12. where the hell is Star Slayers Part II ? we've been waiting 2 years
  13. is prison break a good show and should i watch it

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    3. Josh™


      Bro galaxy that was like one scene and it was in the season 2 finale smh pg 13 bullshit

    4. Jekgog


      The 100 is way better than prison break