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  1. how is this guy unbanned
  2. lol nerds getting all sweaty over cpu specs, which get better and better every year anyways so whats the point of jerking off to a particular one now btw AMD sucks, until we see some real world app and gaming benchmarks no one cares what score it gets on some program
  3. didn't you just say you were leaving
  4. have you tried this processor it's very powerful
  5. one last we are sg video (atleast by me) cumming soon

    1. Mysticmints


      Go out with a bang big boy

    2. noobnz
  6. you realize this "super car" has parts from an altima lol
  7. post your SRs :-)
  8. please
  9. Come on Frank. I'm very interested in Japanese history and culture. I mean, who wouldn't be interested in roaches that survive two nuclear blasts?

  10. I only see you mercy // gud song

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    2. Cailen


      only godo music

    3. King Barney

      King Barney

      lol trying to steal meme when im not here?6666 @Cailen do you wanna have a hardtime

    4. Cailen


      i thought you would see it anyways mr barnboy

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