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    Hey guys! Been a while since I posted anything, but ive been hard at work on a new TTT map, with a really big twist! Working Traitor Buttons! A feature thats been missing since GMOD, I found a way to bring back and get working in CSGO (mostly) and people have really been enjoying it so far! I put together some gifs and a video of some of the cool things this map has to offer below. Hope you guys enjoy, and see you on the map for testing (soon?) ! - Video Below (2 minutes) - Turn subtitles on by hitting the "CC" for explanations of traps! - - - - Map Overview The map was made by Myself, Drybones, and another friend. It features multiple Traitor rooms, underground paths, and many more hidden places An adorable little piggy that you can shoot to death and carry around ( but dont you dare >:C ) 10+ Traitor only traps, just like Gmod used to have! They are press-able from anywhere on the map, ONLY by T's! FOUR unique map weapons; a FlameThrower, and 3 explodable TNT blocks! A hidden 1-hit kill diamond pickaxe (knife)! Can you find it? - - - Short Clips of Flamethrower/TNT secrets - - - FAQ > Are the Traitor Traps (creepers) able to be activated from ANY distance? YES. Simply place your reticle on the creeper and hit "e" to turn the trap ON! > Are the Traitor Traps and Traitor rooms balanced? YES. I hate unfair traitor rooms that encourage camping! There is minimal "1 way walls" and unfair advantages given - - So yeah guys, thats basically the Preview! Ive been working pretty tirelessly on this map for close to a month now, along with my friends Drybones and Dimes. So far all the playtesters have liked it and given feedback, but theres only so much you can do with a small crowd. Throwing this teaser up here so [ @President Evil ? Idk who to give the bsp to lol ] can get the BETA added ASAP, so i can continue to tweak the map with your feedback! Hope you enjoy, let me know your thoughts, and happy TTT-ing! -
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    So I've been reading a lot of threads about how players are being punished for killing players because they went off of sounds. I'm not sure why this wasn't brought up before, but this rule is pretty retarded. The sheer notion of not being able to use one of the biggest senses is pretty mind boggling. The sad part is people being punished are actually using sound correctly, and very time their suspicions have been right. The Killing someone without directly seeing them commit an action. (example - Player hears another player get killed with an AK-47 in the room next to him, Player then continues to shoot the next player he sees with an AK-47. This is a Suspicious act, not a reason to kill someone. Player did not visually see the crime.) rule has been removed If they used sound to kill and they were right, tell them good job, if they turned out to be wrong give them some slayNRs EZ
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    January Community Meeting Jailbreak No more AFK freeze TTT AFK Checker Make Jihad to 6K 10 man No more than 5 people can join a team Remove !mm Trade !swapgloves Misc. Add Ruby and Sapphire to !ws Remove Lara model Start approving events as official Slayers events Hand models broken !gloves New Jr. Staff Hergs - Advisor Dewey - Manager Chondo - Advisor Ninjadude - Management/Relations Server Leads : ericbiceps -trade Kush - JB G3NO -TTT Promotions- Carebeers - Ranger SonnyD - Ranger GreasedUp-Ranger Admins and Hours : From this point on admins will be required to have at least 20 hours per month or will risk being stripped or demoted. Neglecting to admin a server you're in may also result in a strip. Strips : kinguin greenout frosty Berries OG Sandal Kill3d it Proziz A$AP Chocolatemilky Possibilities Kappa B.O.T DeathXangel Spider Loki Icehax Zach5456 Hype999 Watchacheese Rico JT Joxen EmJov Vuji
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    guys gets permban, get unbanned, get paidmin, file admin abuse because guy told him to stfu (fuck off), double post because he cant end a sentence in one autism 2k17??
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    hey i was on this morning and i shut off my computer and then i left 4 school and when i got back it said i was banned so whats up?
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    Simply put: He was singing in all chat instead of advertising trade. I muted him for 5 MINUTES then he proceeded to disrespect that action in the text so i gagged him as well for 5 min. Once his mute was gone, he got one of the autistic trade SSA's to teleport me into a room and basically bitch at me for muting him. Singing in all chat is not a part of your 45 second advertisement. There were people who wanted to trade, not have a karaoke night in all chat. You simply had a 5 minute mute but HAD to get your ssa pal to (basically) lock me in the room so you can bitch, whine, say i was wrong, and overall not realize that all i gave you was a 5 minute silence. I cannot express the shear amount of fucking brain cells i lost listening to you bitch like you own the fucking server kid.
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    @Kateyou dont need to bud in I am just helping out relax lol. I decide they agree or disagree simple as that you dont need to always put me down lmao.
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    carbon, xtreme, pepe please let me know how your schedule is looking. Planning for either saturday evening/ sunday night.
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    @Gambino Wow thank you! @Vexento™ <3 means a lot! @President Evil http://www.filedropper.com/tttprincesscraftbeta4 New version! Fixed the smoke issue where it would endlessly bounce and make a racket :D
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    See you in 2 weeks
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    I played it earlier today and i think it's actually my new fav map next to dolls. Alot of secrets which i like :)
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    thats like the only one i have that i have saved.
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