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    NoobNZ Wars Seen as Zeezo isn't around to do his Zeezo Wars events anymore, I thought I might attempt to carry it on. It may look like I am just completely copying his events but I'm using them to help me make NoobNZ Wars. Entry to this event will be free, Although late signups (signup date ends 10pm PST 15th January 2017) will incur a late penalty fee of 1 key per team. Structure of Tournament NoobNZ Wars is a 5v5 CSGO competitive tournament, comprising of teams that you guys create using players of SlayersGaming that vary in skill/rank. To make it fair, there will be a ranking/points system for teams (similar/same as Zeezo Wars). - The tournament will be a sudden death type tournament, where losing teams are immediately eliminated from the tournament. - The tournament matches will be held in the SG 10-man server. (IP: - Each team may only have a maximum of 7 players (5 main and 2 subs) and a minimum of 6 players. - The maps are determined in game via veto (built into 10 man server), Meaning the two captains will remove maps they do not wish to play. - The available maps on the 10 man server are the ones you can choose to play. - Map Pool: Dust 2, Train, Mirage, Cobblestone, Overpass, Cache, Inferno. - The Grand Final will be a best of 3, all other matches will be a best of 1. Ranking/Points System for Teams Each team will be allocated 50 points to carefully construct their team. You may only have ONE player per team that is ranked LEM & or above (to avoid unfair stacking). Each team is allocated an additional 15 points for subs - keeping in mind you are allowed a maximum of 2 subs. The points work like this: Silver 1 = 1 point ; Silver 2 = 2 points ; Silver 3 = 3 points ; Silver 4 = 4 points ; SE = 5 points ; SEM = 6 points. Gold Nova 1 = 7 points ; Gold Nova 2 = 8 points ; Gold Nova 3 = 9 points ; Gold Nova Master = 10 points. Master Guardian 1 = 11 points ; Master Guardian 2 = 12 points ; Master Guardian Elite = 13 points ; Distinguished Master Guardian = 14 points. Legendary Eagle = 15 points ; Legendary Eagle Master = 16 points ; Supreme Master First Class = 17 points; and finally Global Elite = 18 points. Players who are unranked cost 10 points each. I will be making sure that all ranks match up to the ones you have listed in the thread before you play. Event staff & I have the right to remove any players/teams that we deem are cheating the ranking/points system. Tournament Staff Me (noobnz) @Dewey @Warden Frostwater Will choose/ask more people soon. If you are interested message me on forums, you must be ranked private+ or be a well respected member. The tournament staff will have authority in the event to disqualify people/teams they deem to be breaking tournament rules. Tournament Rules These rules are subject to change at any time. It is to the discretion of tournament staff to decide whether to remove/disqualify any players or teams that they deem to be breaking tournament rules. 1.) Cheating is not permitted. Cheating includes things like: hacking, glitching, ghosting, etc. Because the event is held in Slayers servers, you will be permanently banned if you are caught cheating. 2.) SlayersGaming rules still apply as the event is held in Slayers servers. 3.) If your team loses its match, it is eliminated from the tournament and will not advance anymore in the tournament. 4.) You are only allowed to play for 1 team. 5.) You must play on your main steam account. 6.) All players must be active members of SlayersGaming (they can play as long as they play on the servers). 7.) Do not harass/shit talk tournament staff as they are giving up their time and energy so that you can have fun in the tournament. 8.) Absolute final signup time ends when the first match starts. 9.) You may only have ONE player per team that is ranked LEM & or above. 10.) Teams playing in matches must be ready to play at least 5 minutes before the agreed match time. 11.) Matches will not be postponed, if your players/player does not show up you must use your sub or play without a full team. PRIZES The prize list will pretty much be thriving on donations and contributions. It's much appreciated if you donate or make a contribution :) Donations/Contributions $10 Thanks very much to my man @Cailen Some skins which I will use to help buy keys, thank you @Brandon 1st Place Team - $50 to share - NoobNZ Wars Winner Forum Badge - You being able to hold your head high saying your the beeeeest xd 2nd Place Team To be decided Best Clutch (Will be voted on by community - I will make a vid compilation of all of the clutches - Must be 1v3 , 1v4 or 1v5) - 1x Glove Case Key Best Ace (Will be voted on by community - I will make a vid compilation of all of the Aces) - 1x Glove Case Key Tournament MVP (Will be voted on by community) - 1x Glove Case Key Grand Finals MVP (Will be voted on by community) - 1x Glove Case Key Tournament Dates & Times - First sign up time ends January 15th at 10pm PST. - Final sign up time ends when the first match begins. - The first match date and time will be negotiated by the teams playing. This will apply for all other matches. Tournament Brackets Match Times: Chondo & Ebic vs. DACAS : ADIDAS SLAYERS vs. Royalty : Team Lucifer vs. Silver is the new black : Scarlet's Underage Party vs. Jailbreaks Hitler Youth : 6.30pst 18th Semi Final: ADIDAS SLAYERS vs. Chondo & Ebic Semi Final: Team Lucifer vs. Scarlet's Underage Party Grand Final: ? vs ? Format for Entering a Team (Post on this thread to enter) Reminder that signup time ends 20th 15th January 2017 at 10pm PST, late entries incur a penalty fee of 1 key per team. Team Name: Captain: [Name] - [Rank + Points] Player 2: [Name] - [Rank + Points] Player 3: [Name] - [Rank + Points] Player 4: [Name] - [Rank + Points] Player 5: [Name] - [Rank + Points] Total Points Used: Sub 1: [Name] - [Rank + Points] Sub 2 (Optional but recommended): [Name] - [Rank + Points] Total Points Used (maximum of 15 points for subs): People Looking for a Team that you could use: - Zoidberg (unranked) - ScarletTarget (GN1) - Cailen (GNM) - Loda (GN2) - D.R (LEM) - Xrayxander (GN2) -MistaGhost (GN1) - Jekgog (S3) - Coolfire (MG1) - 2cold2hold (GNM) - Cubin (GNM) - sxaD [pho dac biet] (GN3) - neT_bK (SE) - Poop Giver (GN1) -apollo (GN2) - lucifer (pretty good) - funky (SMFC) - milo roth / hunt 4 p250 sand dune (GN2 says he plays like mg2) - KZing bacon (GN2) - Guardian (SE) -sonyyyd (s3) - TTT pepe (GN1) -Jookbox2 (SE) Teams that Have Signed Up: Team Name: Royalty Captain: [Gambino] - [GN2 8 Points] Player 2: [ Barstead21 ] - [GNM 10 Points] Player 3: [Lose Not Win] - [GNM 10 Points] Player 4: [Fadee] - [GNM 10 Points] Player 5: [RPK] - [MG1 11 Points] PENDING Total Points Used: Sub 1: [redmond] - [LE 15 Points] Sub 2 (Optional but recommended): [Name] - [Rank + Points] Total Points Used (maximum of 15 points for subs): 49 Points Used + 15/15 Points for Subs Team Name: Chondo & Ebic Captain: Chondo - [MGE + 13 Points] Player 2: Ebic - [SMFC + 17 Points] Player 3: Mysticmints - [GN2/GN3] 8/9 points Player 4: Dewey - [S2 + 2 Points] Player 5: President Evil - [S3 + 3 Points] Total Points Used: 44 Points/50 Points. Sub 1: Team Name: Scarlet's Underage Party Captain: [Xray] - [GN2 + 8 Points] Player 2: [Bill Nye] - [Silver 4 + 4 Points] Player 3: [] - [] Player 4: [Milky] - [GN 1+ 7 Points] Player 5: [Coolfire] - [MG 1+ 11 Points] Total Points Used: 37 Sub 1: [Pho Dac Biet] - [GN 3 + 9 Points] Sub 2 (Optional but recommended): [Name] - [Rank + Points] Team Name: Silver is the new Black Captain: neT_bK - [SE, 5 points] Player 2: MistaGhost - [GN1, 7 points] Player 3: poop giver - [GN1, 7 points] Player 4: Guardian Plays - [SE, 5 points] Player 5: Funky - [SMFC, 17 points] Total Points Used: 41/50 points Sub 1: presley - [GNM, 10 points] Total Points Used: 44/50 points, 10 for subs Team Name: Jailbreaks Hitler Youth Captain: [ @Pringle] - [MG2 + 12] Player 2: [ @CyrexPigg] - [Unranked + 10] Player 3: [ @Apollo_Outcast] - [GN2 + 8] Player 4: [ @Jekgog] - [S3 + 3] Player 5: [ @jookbox2] - [SE + 5] Total Points Used: 38 Points Sub 1: [ ] - [] Sub 2 (Optional but recommended): [Name] - [Rank + Points] Total Points Used (maximum of 15 points for subs): Team Name: ? Captain: [ @I Am Lucifer] - [DMG + 14] Player 2: [ @TTT Pepe] - [GN1 + 7] Player 3: [ @CarbonXtreme] - [GNM + 10] Player 4: [ @Milo Roth] - [GN2 + 8] Player 5: [ @Suicidal] - [MG2 + 12] Total Points Used: 49 Points Sub 1: [ ] - [] Sub 2 (Optional but recommended): Total Points Used (maximum of 15 points for subs): Team Name: DACAS Captain: [Dash] - [LE + 15] Player 2: [Sc00by] - [LE + 15] Player 3: [Chubby Bubby] - [GN2 + 8] Player 4: [Kenguin] - [GN3 + 9] Player 5: [SonyyyD] - [S3 + 3] Total Points Used: 50 Sub 1: [Vn0m] - [DMG + 14] Team Name: ADIDAS SLAYERS Captain: [Kate] - [MG1+11] Player 2: [Ninjadude - [MG2+12] Player 3: [Fallout] - [MGE+13] Player 4: [Ballsandwieners] - [SEM+6] Player 5: [2Cold2Hold] - [GN2+8] Total Points Used: 50/50 Sub 1: [Carebeers] - [GN1 +7 Points] Sub 2 (Optional but recommended): [Name] - [Rank + Points] I may update this thread when I see chance to improve it :) If you wish to donate/contribute please message me on forums. All donations/contributions are greatly appreciated.
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    In my opinion, you should be banned for longer than a day so you got off easy; stop harassing our Admins just because you can't get away with acting like a faggot. Follow the rules and play correctly, it really isn't that hard. Report Denied / Thread Closed.
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    I have the most ghetto set up right now
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    So you cry when people make fun of you're furfag friend that you brought here but find it funny when someone is doxed? Also @President Evil you freaked out when people harassed Kate and Carebeers, but this is somehow allowed??? You said you were trying to fix this communities toxicity but you allow this shit?
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    So do any of the rules on this site matter anymore?
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    Hey guys, I'm Chondo but I have an even better suggestion. First I need to ask our roots some questions about the surf servers. @President Evil @Mysticmints @Hergs @Ninjadude @Kate @Shiro Why is our title Newb-Surf? Does our title have to be Newb-Surf? Can we stop discriminating new surfers and stop calling them Newbs? There's a lot of things wrong with the title "Newb-Surf", we all need to remember this community is now full on Social Justice Warrior and we must not discriminate against shitty surfers, this is why we need to change the title to "Beginner-Surf" so players feel more welcomed. The new name for the surf server should be: [SG] Beginner-Surf [Tier 1-2] !WS + !KNIFE - SlayersGaming.com This is a good title because based on my researched, all of the servers that have "Beginner" in their title have a lot of population: As you can see, these servers have a pretty solid player count. I highly suggest we change the name to this because we need to make Surf Great Again! Also use the NEW tags: surf, easy, beginner, newb, SG, Slayers, Gaming, tier 1, tier 2. #MakeSurfGreatAgain
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    that prize,more like welfare warz am i rite guys jk
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    The polls have closed. We are keeping AFK Freeze as a valid order. @President Evil
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    Seagul we reluctantly gave you private despite all the -1's and bad rap you have as being an incompetent paidmen, you need to learn the rules and better understand how to admin and handle situations like these. TTT is not a simple game mode and is very role play and rules heavy. This is your formal warning.
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    Sunday January 8th 7:00PM PST Server IP: Click Here to Join To celebrate the opening of our new FFA DM Server we are doing a Flash Event, Casters wanted Game Info Free For All Deathmatch Three 20-Minute Rounds with each it's own round winner Round Winner's will choose from the prize pool Guns Menu 5 HP gain per kill 2 second respawns Map: Dust2 Prize Pool Free 1-Month TeamSpeak Private Room . $16.26
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    psst. today? happy birthday. *cough* yeah *cough*
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    @Zoidberg @ScarletTarget @Cailen @Loda @D.R @Xrayxander @MistaGhost @Jekgog @Coolfire105 @2Cold2Hold @CarbonXtreme @sxaD [Pho Dac Biet] there are about 12 of u who posted looking for a team, u guys can probably message eachother or organise to team up together if u want. or if u want me to help u hook up together lemme know <3
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    I apologize for your issues with Trade, I used to Administrate on Trade only, it's fucking unbearable. Having paidmins makes it so much better, out of every 10 paidmins we usually only have to demote 2 of them for being jackasses. Unfortunately for you, Trade is our most populated server and it always will be, so having little kids Administrating on there helps us out more than you think. If they start abusing, go ahead and write out a report and I'll do something about it. Thanks for stating your issues.
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    I'll just make my verdict now, You might want to check out this link here There is no need to be an asshole and its really easy to avoid these mutes by actually playing the game/trading instead of talking shit to the admins. The fact that youre able to get in trouble with the admins on a trade server says quite a bit. No abuse, but as a note you might want to redirect people to the rules if they complain about it. @Juan
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    I heard chondo is a beast! So i will never ever believe you ?
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    We definitely see that you feel bad for what you did and that you know you fucked up, I'm not going to unban you due to the clear fact I'm not the owner of this community and I feel like this is the type of decision @President Evil is going to have to make rather than myself or another ROOT making it. It's been almost 6 months since you scammed and you are stating you paid the person back, that's very commendable; unfortunately, I cannot see the proof you put on the lethaltrade website because I am not signed up on their forums so I ask of you to post all the screenshots/proof you have of paying the person back. (Note: This doesn't guarantee an unban, we need to see the justified proof) If the lethaltradezone staff decide to unban you from their community then I feel @President Evil could make a justification for your unbanning, but if they don't unban you you're probably shit outta luck. Go ahead and post the pictures of you paying back the victim whenever, until then, you'll have to wait. @Twinee Appeal Ongoing / Thread Open p.s. Anyone posting on this thread who has no relation to Twinee will be suspended from the forums, we take these threads extremely serious. Cut the shit @Gambino
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    I'm 15 minutes late but happy birthday
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    I see nothing wrong here. Its just a couple slays man just get over it next time.
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    Kate agreed to let me be her replacement, pls give
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    1/7/2017 , 7:45 pm , still an issue. people are getting put in spec way too early, if it cant be resolved right now, I prefer it just be removed for the time being, we can use the shoot afk at 3 rule until its fixed.
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    @Kate @Ninjadude @hy0n @2Cold2Hold want to make a team? :D
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    If you're gonna have an attitude about it, I'm going to just lock this thread and if you keep posting shit I'm going to ban you. Only 2 people have access to the GOTV Logs and we deal with numerous reports of people Mass RDMing / DDOS Threatening / Admin Abusing on the fucking daily so we do not have time to download a huge fucking demo and watch ONE RDM. We are volunteers, not being paid for our work. Be mindful of the people trying to keep this community in order, it's not easy. Report Denied / Thread Fucking Closed.
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    oh, I misread your roster. I thought you were higher then that rank. Or was it because of skill rank decay? either way, who else is going to fight I don't plan on joining because during that week I'll be inactive... :(
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    Time for you to continue your quest: Hunt 4 the FN AK-47 Safari Mesh
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    @noobnz Can you please update my teams roster, redmond is our sub instead of hoodies.
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    @ScarletTarget I can be a sub for your team c:
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    @Gambino Just hit me with that pic qt 3.14, I got a key waiting for your ass
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    He did this with bounce parkour too, think he could figure out that it is free by now lmaooo.
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    I'm just gonna hop on the bandwagon now and say happy bday
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    Its only 8 hours youre gonna wait it out.Seeing as how you posted a topic about revolution just as you posted this I believe eric. Dont be a little faggot in the trade server. Denied
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    Sorry i didn't ban you, you were spaming on admin chat after 4 slay that milky gave you for revenge rdm, We didn't care that you called us paidmin, just he kicked you for spaming in admin chat twice, then you come and you kept spaming and asking why did you get slays when we already told you why, you kept spaming, bedhead banned you for 1 day and this reason: What the admin did: He banned me for calling him paidmin after I was banned for 10 rounds for revenge rdm. / it's not true you were slayed for 2 the first time for rdm'ing a traitor and you didn't press 1 to confirm the slay, it wasn't our fault then you revenge rdm the guy who didn't rdm'ed you so we slayed you for 4. and i will say twice. It's not our fault that you didn't respond to the afk checker to confirm your slay. We called like 100 warnings for you to stop spaming in admin chat. This is all to say
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    steam id: STEAM_0:0:118991655 Thanks Chondo, I really do appreciate it!
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    Sometimes, all it takes is a little more push. Check out Noob Wars I, and prepare for voting in Warden's Challenge, both coming up soon
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    hard to really do much, but I'm sure something can be done about this it is really annoying. Lately, pres just had to permaban a fag for micspamming like crazy
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    too many of us are too used to afk freeze even I slip up quite a lot but yeah, I realize all other JB server communities just use freeze I await your opinion on this matter