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    Im stripping you of paidmin for good spork. Im gonna lower the ban to a week
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    BUZZFEED: "What its like to MANSPREAD as a professional girl gamer."
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    You have now, 29 CT Bans all within a 3-Month span of each other. There is no "last chance" or "this time I'm gonna fix it I swear", 29 fucking times dude. I think after your 4th/5th ban you should of probably hit the nail on the head a very long time ago, even though a majority of your CT Bans are very short; you obviously did something to warrant them. As I've said before, I'm someone who believes in second chances, but you've had a lot more than a second chance and you've continued to rack up more and more CT Bans; if you're not given a proper punishment then what's going to stop the other people from fucking around on CT and breaking rules? They're going to use you as an example and be like "oh well psagdude had like 29 bans before his was permanent, this is bullshit!!" or "come on this only my 17th CT Ban I deserve another chance!" This isn't even about this ban specifically, you've just been banned so many times I have no idea how you didn't warrant a permanent-ban before this one, @Warden Frostwater has it right, this is how it goes and it's a fair ban, you're going to stay permanently fucking banned because it's the best for SlayersGaming and the future trolls who are to come. You can re-appeal in the future if you want, but don't get your hopes up. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed.
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    i'm sorry, but what the fuck? A girl CS:GO team, being FEATURED on a BUZZFEED channel. i hate this world.
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    Why the hell are you on buzzfeed that shit makes you lose braincells
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    Seagul we reluctantly gave you private despite all the -1's and bad rap you have as being an incompetent paidmen, you need to learn the rules and better understand how to admin and handle situations like these. TTT is not a simple game mode and is very role play and rules heavy. This is your formal warning.
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    this is to cheer you up
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    i shouldve been stripped last meeting, unless i was and just wasnt on the list, and if i wasnt stripped then its cause i have a vagina. i was harrassed earlier this year, where's my promotion w/out having the required hours???? HELLO???? S T R I P M E ! ! ! FORREAL THO IM GLAD TO HAVE MET MANY OF U. and im sad to have met many of u as well. cucks. ill still lurk forums but i doubt ill be active. remember my post of my galaxy painting, its all i want to be remembered by.
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    just use a lot of makeup ugly -> beautiful
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    @King Barney and his duo has re-united... I pray for us all.
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    I was there. You RDM'd someone, you claimed that they shot you first and you were acting in self defense, all we had was that you shot them. You got slayed. End of story. Was Community pool, one of the first rounds I believe.
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    This guy clearly does not know the rules at all.. 29 CTBANS IN 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! @Dewey his steam ID : STEAM_1:1:76403752
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    @Dewey http://slayersfastdl.site.nfoservers.com/darkness/ctbans/index.php?p=1&search=STEAM_1:1:76403752&type=steamid this was the STEAMID because I ran into him asking why he was perm ct banned and I'm only replying in this thread because I'm the one who gave him the perma CT ban
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    January Community Meeting Jailbreak No more AFK freeze TTT AFK Checker Make Jihad to 6K 10 man No more than 5 people can join a team Remove !mm Trade !swapgloves Misc. Add Ruby and Sapphire to !ws Remove Lara model Start approving events as official Slayers events Hand models broken !gloves New Jr. Staff Hergs - Advisor Dewey - Manager Chondo - Advisor Ninjadude - Management/Relations Server Leads : ericbiceps -trade Kush - JB G3NO -TTT Promotions- Carebeers - Ranger SonnyD - Ranger GreasedUp-Ranger Admins and Hours : From this point on admins will be required to have at least 20 hours per month or will risk being stripped or demoted. Neglecting to admin a server you're in may also result in a strip. Strips : kinguin greenout frosty Berries OG Sandal Kill3d it Proziz A$AP Chocolatemilky Possibilities Kappa B.O.T DeathXangel Spider Loki Icehax Zach5456 Hype999 Watchacheese Rico JT Joxen EmJov Vuji
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    What is this and how did I find it?
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    while you literally have a 2.5k computer and are only in gnm
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    I know I place that you can play CSCO soon
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    You shouldn't be using that kind of language young man!
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    zuggie doesn't even like all of my posts smh.
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    its not cold here, but good to see you back, hold
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    U suck 

    U suck
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    keep in mind this clip was from 2006 @Chondo
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    I would say Bose AE2 but those are not under $50 cuz they're not shit
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    Once the root panel is working I will pull a demo for you Please dont bump your posts, its only been 3 hours I promise we will get around to it
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    Youre screenshot tells me very little. When root panel is working again ill look at sporks logs to see if he did /logs in that round.Even if thats so the ban will probably be reduced.
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    All orders must now given using the 100 most used words in English since some of our players are foreigners. If a player has less than 2 hours on the server they cannot be killed. This helps new players learn the ropes. CTs must now give a verbal warning to rebelling Ts before shooting, then wait 3 seconds, then give a warning shot to the leg, then wait 3 seconds before killing them. Ts can now pardon themselves to allow a much more friendly environment. If a CT kills the same T 3 rounds in a row they must be slayed even if the T was rebelling. We do not want to create a hostile environment. afk freeze is now removed because I think my players are fucking retards who can't put two words together. GO FUCK YOURSELF PRESIDENT CUCK
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    Yeah I figured that out lol. When I clicked on community servers, there weren't any so that's why I said that.
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    24 hours from when you buy it. Also this is the wrong section - wait until 24 hours have passed then post here http://www.slayersgaming.com/forums/forum/77-sale-support/
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    Posting our first "event planning" thread for January 2017 sometime later this afternoon, leaning towards Golf With Your Friends. Named events I once had on my calendar post will still happen (hopefully) and will try to make those major events.
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    I was there, you did something suspicious when the last T was rebelling for LR edit this could be a false positive, but I'm not a high ranked CS:GO comp player to know that
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    fix that on ur way to go cya
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    Don't talk about other communities here and try to start a flame war. Play where ever you want but don't break any rules.
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    I saw videos on this, it seems like a good idea I'll side with you on this, but let's wait until more info comes on this
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    was this the right move? I hope so. one of the best members met here
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    Bye zuggie stay in touch
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    ya same my hours got fucked too, can i get ranger too?
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    because it really is, that is why I personally think it won't be suitable for a major event, maybe a minor event, but not major
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    Upcoming: Warden's Challenge #1: "January Frost" January 10 - January 31 5 different challenges, 5 loot giveaways. Official Event (in development) Game: Golf With Your Friends more info pending
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    I want to thank everyone for the amazing 3 years I've had with Slayers gaming. I remember when i first joined the Jailbreak server back in October 2013 without checking the latency. As soon as the map loaded all i could hear was @Bill Murray's Cock.'s HLDJ spam. It was Johnny Rebel - That's the way the nigger goes, and immediately i saw how much fun people were having in this casual gamemode. You must realize i've been playing Counter-Strike since early 2000, and I've always played all the different versions of the game purely competitively. But i had so much fun and the high ping didn't matter, so i favorited the server and kept coming back. I got to know so many great people and we had alot of fun on Jailbreak, so i decided to sign up on the website and apply for admin. I remember feeling dissapointed because i didn't get admin the first month i applied. After a year with Jailbreak i had seen so many of friends go and i felt like there was nothing new and fun about the gamemode to me, but then KZ came around and i was chosen to be in charge of the server. This is where my journey as root started, this wasn't a bump-less ride as some of you might remember Pres letting me go after all the drama with the Jews. I came back a while later to be in the charge of the Surf servers, and i must say it has been an honor to lead and deal with these servers through highs and lows. This summer i went back to school to study Computer Science and i started becoming less and less active, only dealing with technical stuff related to the server and making sure the gears were turning. So this is it, my time here as Staff has come to an end, or actually it did a while ago, but now it's official :) Once again thanks to everyone, and my niggers, you know who you are, i love you. To whoever fills my slot, if you want to continue using my Newbsurf replay mirror script and autoupdating of the Newbsurf rankpage, let me know and i'll help set up the code. Peace.