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    Help me understand why it's so hard to play games and stuff withoUT being so mad at everyone It's fukin video games guys why does everything have to be such a big deal And please don't blame pres and Kate and ninja and whatever you fuckin drama queens are just as guilty as you see them I'm so lost Delete this post if it's too shit stormy. I just don't understand Posted from my Google pixel
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    This clearly wasn't a thoughtless RDM, he put together the pieces and obviously was convinced (and risking getting slayed if wrong) that you were indeed a traitor and was correct. You instead assume theres no possible way anyone could have figured it out and assumed he didn't use any reasoning despite the plethora of evidence cuz you were sloppy with your kill. "nobody was around because I immediately looked around and it was at the bottom of the attic stairs so nobody outside could see." you actually have no idea what other players can see, everyone runs different resolutions and aspect ratios, and the one assuming can also make a mistake and miss something, it's a very ignorant statement Since you're a paidmen, I'll give you a warning but if you do this shit again i'll strip your ass perm.
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    its sad to think some people's sole reason for staying here is so they can harass others, that's their "fun" here they actually value bullying people over their community that they've been with for years, and would throw it all away just to harass someone
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    Why? Because some people have nothing better to do than sit there and ruin another person's day. Because some people dont understand the line between playful banter and harassment. Because some people (im gonna name names) like Moma, think their shit doesnt stink and think they are the wise old inspirational men of the community and like to start arguements and spread shit in the shoutbox. Because some people think they are funny in their little gangs (which they are funny sometimes) but then take things way too far. Some of these people are now banned from teh community, but some are still here and will always be here. They will come and go. This time though a huge chunk are gone. Thats why.
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    even 6 years later, it is STILL funny
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    "I'm sorry for making a joke you didn't find funny so you cried about it" That's what I got from this whole thing
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    I love you more than anything. I still miss you everyday
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    not dead, but not as fun rivet, toasty, a lot of roots, memers, all not active/stepped down squeakers everywhere god help us
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    @Reclamation @Reclamation @Reclamation
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    in honor of christmas imma use my new ddos machine and ddos kate and pres
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    I got the blessing of our lord and savior's birth
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    gg boys. was fun while it lasted
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    Why cant we just play game together.... why do people have to meme other people? why do people have to look down at others? when there is a rules said that do not do one thing..... you guys will dive into that hole to do that one thing........ why???? I dont hate anyone here.... I love everyone.... but when I see you guys doing shit things to another.... I feel sad about it......... like REALLY SAD............. you break rules you get ban...... just dont do it.............. please... I dont want to see any of you get banned.... dont do stupid thing....
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    This is why I don't like to participate within the community too much cuz I know I'll start hating and arguing. I just come on to have fun playing and to admin. No problem with that...
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    Joey is so pure. I love it lmao
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    Gotta bring some love into this constant hate fest
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    This community is far from dead, shut the fuck up about it. We only lost a few regulars and that doesn't mean that we are dying as a whole. If the servers were unpopulated for a great majority of the time and forums were inactive then it would truly be "dead"
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    Servers arent dead lmao. Just cuz the memers who got banned think the community is dying, doesnt make it true. TTT and JB still get very populated at night
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    I think it should be considered to remove prehop from bounce parkour. It's in its early stages currently and having prehop removes legitmacy from many of the times and doesn't make for the most skilled environment. I realize removing prehop from newb surf ended up being a bad decision but that had an established player base that had become accustomed to their pre speed. Removing it in the early stages is something we should consider. if removed there should be a speed cap of like 350.
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    The weak should fear the strong.
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    @PresEvilSuxDix @President Butthurt @Presidentismad
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    What's up guys merry Christmas. I wrote an essay for the poonjabi. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dwtG3WhNmobJa7jOrwGEbG1YX2lhLNt6qhigzNqsF50 Have fun reading! I am going to treat EVERYONE with respect now!!!
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    @walt wertzel and I gave ourselves a sweet honeymoon filled with the milky spirit of Christ.
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    I got a new webcam because my old one is a 10 year old shitter, some new shooting gear (browning ammo vest, ear muffs, glasses), a lot of board games (Avalon, What Do You Meme?, and Bounce-Off), a House Stark keychain, a Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) Pop Figure, and Mberry tablets. I have a huge family so I gave away a few hundred dollars of presents, plus I bought a couple hundred dollars worth of alcohol that we were plowing through last night. I have half a bottle of Everclear left sitting in the room beside me and I'll consider that a nice little present to myself also.
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    a gud succ from dewey's girlfriend. #snatched
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    He didn't mean a word of it. I give him a week, then he'll be banned.
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    Absolutely disgusting that monkey was forced to write an essay if he wanted to come back. The weak should fear the strong. Heil Shiro! ( ._.)/
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    No I don't. ?? And u too laugh at it so be shhhh
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    Everyone on jb peer pressured me to ask you out so, ima nigga u a nigga if we fuck we can make some baby niggas. Wanna fuck? marry me pls? be my gf p[ls?
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    Purity is how the community stays the way it is. Sadly. :(
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    +1 limit to 250 speed played bp yesterday and noclipped, bhopped around for like 2 seconds, then skip blocks with 800 speed bp has become noclip,bhop around for a bit, skip blocks bhop actually needs strafing
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    You are 18 years old and you got Legos ? Hahahahahahahaha
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    i cant say hi in shoutbox hi laurence
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    erik :]