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    Well, we did a little digging on this encounter you guys had with Plue. I watched the demo from the moment Plue entered the server to the mute that brought us here to the report. Want to know what I found? Plue barely said a fucking word. Anything he did say was playful banter that the entire server was doing as Keloy said. There was not one single solitary mother fucking thing that annoyed me or even seemed to annoy the rest of the server. He didn't speak when warden was giving orders like Kush claimed. He wasn't mic spamming of any sort. Besides the one warden round that he did (and wasn't even annoying about that either), he barely spoke his entire time in the server. The ONLY thing that could have even been misconstrued as annoying was someone used their powers in a fun way and he said "Nice admin abuse!" which I could tell that he wasn't even being serious. He didn't give a shit about the admin using his powers. He was trying to joke around. He only said it twice the entire time regardless! So what warranted a permanent mute on Plue? According to Kush, Joey, and Uther, it was basically Uther telling him to shut the fuck up, Plue not saying shit back, then a couple minutes later with some suggestion from Uther, Joey slaps a permanent mute on him. Now I don't give two flying fucks that you lowered it to 150. The fact that it was even placed on him in the first place amazes me. Bunny, a player on at the time, literally played earrape over the mic. How did Kush punish him? 5 minute mute. Zoidberg apparently couldn't stop loudly cackling into the mic for hardly a minute. No mute. Plue jokes around with the community and even shuts up when asked (even though he had no reason to). Permanent mute. Nah guys, let's go easy on him. That's a little harsh of a punishment for something he didn't do in the first place. 150 minute mute. What in the holy fucking fuck is wrong with you idiots? Completely ridiculous. Plue of course isn't always the easiest kid to handle. He's a kid. He gets excited and gets loud. He's trying to participate in a community that doesn't seem to give two fucks whether he's accepted or not. This is perfect behavior for our admins. Treat everyone like shit until they eventually leave. That'll fill our servers up. For fuck sakes. @kush is stripped of his Server Lead for 1 week. @Joey1029 is stripped of whatever fucking rank you have in our community that you clearly don't deserve for 1 week. @Uther is stripped of his Server Lead for 1 week. Not because of any misuse of powers but rather your piss poor attitude and being somewhat of a pot stirrer for the entire ordeal. You are stripped of your Server Lead powers in the TeamSpeak completely until I and only I deem you capable of handling it. Plue told me numerous times that you've done nothing but kick him from the server or mute him or silence him and now you have lost that right. Do not bother steam messaging me or forum messaging me about it. Your strip will become permanent if any of you decide it's safe to bitch to me about my decision. Someone remove Plue's mute and his CT ban. /thread
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    id bend kitty over a table if she wasnt a craaaaaAAAAaaazy bitch. ok bye :)
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    im sick and tired of you kids complaining that people "constantly abuse their powers" when you have no evidence of it. you guys are all trying very hard to get plue in trouble. These are only some slaps that I don't give a fuck about, I bet I would find more abuse by you @HueySherman if i were to dig up your admin logs. /thread
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    such a hot grill, so fappable
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    @HueyShermanWhat they're doing is fucked up no doubt and i'm sorry to you and anyone else that has gotten DDoS'd by a root or staff of this community. There is a big decision that is probably (hopefully) going to be made soon that will decide how the repercussions will fall into place. Not going to call anyone out cause i'm not directly involved, but come on guys these are actual little kids. It's a low low hanging fruit to flex on kids just trying to play video games. Kick them, mute them, ban them, fine. But don't take away their power to turn off the game and play something else. That's just bully mode
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    Plue is slaying high ranked admins left and right. You think they are going to mute him now? He has the entire SG staff scared.
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    i feel like chondo was put on this earth just to go against every single opinion widely agreed on by the majority
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    @noobnz You must handle the reports for awhile. I must rest my powers.
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    a socialist expecting everything to be given to you for free
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    I just won my first solo PUBG match. Unban him in celebration.
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    monthly reminder that pres ACTUALLY gave kate and ninjadude vet
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    Didn't spell thread correctly because he is going to give Pepe the "d" later.
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    I understand you dislike X-ray and he does some fucked shit that may warrant some negativity towards him but nothing of this magnitude. You've threatened his family. You've posted pictures of his family. You've threatened him. This went way beyond what it should have gone and I cannot sit back and let it happen. @Mister Horse is banned for 30 days from TS, servers, and forums. If it persists when or if he returns, it will be permanent. I like Mister Horse and he's been apart of this community for quite awhile but this isn't what this community should represent. We are all trolls but we must be careful not to cross certain lines and after several warnings from me, that line was still crossed. @Marti[N] is banned for 1 week from forums, servers, and TS because of his part in the harassment. @X-ray I understand you did nothing to deserve this much harassment but if you do not stop your behavior that draws this type of attention, I will remove you from this community permanently. /thread
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    i won this game earlier and clutched up for @President Evil @Ragewastaken @Zeezo it was actually sick lol
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    I have updated the TTT plugins and TTT is now playable again. Only thing needs to be fixed is the shop/menu as innocents and detectives can buy traitor items. I will also fix the chat colours as they look aids. !setkarma is now working; you can shoot and break things before round starts again; there are a few more shop items; 1 hit knife is 9000 credits; all gun items are 5000 credits; and more! if you find anything wrong with ttt please let me know in this thread. I haven't found anything else wrong so far except for maybe the fact that you can do a little bit too much damage right now. if you join ttt and your karma is 0 please ask @Patchennopoulos @Zeezo or I to reset karma via database or in game using !setkarma
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    lmao u think ur funny? well ur not so stop it thanks. this is my thread i'd really appreciate if you left it mormon
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    You took my vet, I meme your family on facebook now you pudding face homosexual.
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    shut the fucck up you brown nosing weeaboo faggot, get noobnz's 15 year cock out of your mouth, this is a legit disccussion if you dont like it go jerk of to drawn 10 year girls or dogs fucking nigger
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    content count: 1384 likes: 2769 1384x2 = 2768 @all ddos fags, do not talk2orddosme if u do not have a TWO to ONE LIKE TO POST RATIO
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    I think we should all send prayers for Joey's future marriage considering his odd obsession with underage boys and his previous comment about CP
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    @everyone Let's get fucking crazy in this bitch.
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    "secretes" "secrets" "secrete" Did you ever go to school
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    ayy my nigga just tryna warm up for that comp match ya feel 😂😂👌👌
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    King Plue lays waste to another victim.
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    i don't remember when we changed the rules to state that you couldn't take back a kos that you made and that if you were kos you had to be then proven for your kos to disappear? weird. @Dutch117 stop being toxic, you fucked up. You're stripped for 48hrs for removing another admins slays and i suggest you also take that time to remind yourself of the TTT rules and community rules. warning points added for everyone who shitposted in here. /thread
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    By the way, you've been an absolute autist on forums, teamspeak and servers. you're not getting your ranger back, you can start from scratch.
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    let me clarify for you all because you probably dont know that its 1 not physically actually going to work and 2 i am not going to give one of the lowest ranking admins a root power. So 1: i cannot just give only the trade ssa's noclip, if i gave the noclip command to ssa's it would mean every ssa on all servers would have it. 2: All you would see is people flying around like witches on broomsticks and the chat filled with "fuckwit toggled noclip on fuckwit" I'm not gonna give ssa's noclip when not even privates or rangers have access to it. /thread
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    Who the fuck would wanna go into a religion where you arent even allowed to jerk off? You're cock's fate is only for god to decide even as a teenager!!
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    most definitely a car lowkey sad u even had to ask for this communities opinion
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    This kind of concept would look nice with a better lighting and a working elevator.