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    How dare you have the nerve to ask why a scumbag who attacked, defamed and ddosed SG and various members for months on end doesn't get vet. You little shit, you think you're funny with your underhand remarks and pot shots? I've had enough of you and your dike looking boyfriend Mo, so enjoy your permanent bans you crispy little bitchboys.
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    1st offense: permanently ban them. 2nd offense: Walk into their house and unplug their modem. 3rd offense: Sleep with their mother and be their dad
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    This is it, we must fight for our rights! There will be a meeting in my teamspeak channel Friday night at 6:00 P.M. (PST) to discuss the #Chondo4RootMarch We will march for our rights and let it be known to the scum of this community, that everyone shall be treated equal and just punishments should be set, WE MUST DESTROY BEAN SPILLING BITCH DEWEY. This was your superior overlord Chondo speaking. Be apart of the change or get fucked. BITCH. 1 like on this post = 1 +support towards #Chondo4ROOT and the #DeweyDownfall EDIT: Salty Spatoons on my post, don't let them beat us down. #MARCH #MARCH #MARCH
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    Before bashing some of my current suggestions and shedding light on recent issues, make sure you read the current rules, especially before you shit-post here. In recent events, it seems the General Community Rules have been ignored by many people when it comes to Section B (In specific, Harassment/Creating a Hostile Environment) and nothing is being done about it. I know, this is an online gaming community and at the end of the day, 99% of the shit that happens here will not matter in 5 years. But, that doesn't mean people need to post pictures of one-another, harass each other, constantly post memes in the shout-box when a ROOT is trying to understand a situation or just keep adding fuel to the fire because it doesn't concern/involve you. Almost 2 weeks ago, @Warden Frostwater was being harassed in team-speak and on the forums, people were posting pictures of him and I will personally admit I overlooked it myself because we all know Warden does cry wolf a bit too much, but at the same time, the people he reported broke numerous Community rules multiple times and nothing was done about it. There has always been a meme in this community that goes along the lines of "well, slayers is a day-care lol" when people get salty after being harassed/memed too often, but read my next sentence very carefully.. Harassing someone and meme-ing someone are two completely different things; meme-ing example: me telling @Mysticmints he works in a metal-factory and calling him "Mystic metal-factory Mints", Mystic does not in fact work at a Metal-Factory and that is why it is a meme, it is irrelevant and has nothing to do with his personal life one bit. Harassing example: Several people constantly posting pictures of Warden, talking about Seagulls personal issues in an attempt to record their reactions and make them feel bad about something they obviously hate, if you're constantly bringing up someones family issues or posting pictures of someone after they legit beg you to stop, you're not being an MLG memer, you're being a stupid fucking troglodyte cunt who still eats hot pockets because you don't know how to make anything else to eat. What can be done about this? Well how about we start at the base of the community? THE RULES (Or as I like to call it, THE LAW) My first suggestion is to add a new rule to Section B; "Do not post a picture of anyone even if you have their permission, only they are allowed to post said picture" "But Chondo, why shouldn't their friend(s) be able to post the picture?" Well, the friend posts it somewhere and then the MLG memers I am talking about take the picture and go over-board with it and just fucking meme to oblivion, example: @The Muffin Man posted a picture of himself a very long time ago, I posted the picture onto my profile while a bunch of other people photo-shopped him and meme'd him to the point where he stopped showing up in team-speak regularly, the majority make people hate themselves while the minority think its a good picture. My second suggestion is to review the Pay Bail System; I feel as if we need to fix this because whenever someone is permanently-banned they just go ahead and throw the quick $10-$40 and get unbanned and come back and act like good little angels for a week then go back to being cunts. Also, this is a tiny bit off-topic, but people who are permanently banned should 95% of the time stay banned for what they did and not be given the PRIVILEGE of PAYING BAIL. The Pay Bail System should be for members who are on the regular nice people who contribute to the community who have a mini-fuck up and don't want to wait out a 2-4 week+ length ban, this is why during my time as ROOT I stated that ScarletTarget will never be given the privilege to Pay Bail because of what he did. (Not to mention the first time he was unbanned was only because of me, I was being nice and gave him another chance but of course that doesn't work around here most of the time) I think I'm being very fair in my suggestions I posted here today, we don't need some magical poll that says "Yes/No", if you actually support my suggestions just drop a like on the post and it will show the ROOTS that some of you want a tiny bit of change, nothing too drastic, but a little bit here and there will go a far way in the long term rather than people wanting the community to change over-night with a ton of new rules.
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    You like my post I'll like yours.
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    So Cailen stepped the line today. Him and his buddies make DDos threats in ts 24/7. You snitch but they all make you feel bad so you dont. And dewey over here knows everything about it. HE HAS FAVORITES. Him and cailen legit suck each other dry. Cailen you are honestly the biggest hypocrite i've ever met. And i know i might not have evidence but i know plenty of people who have heard you. Cailen you actually think you are immune because dewey is your best friend. You think I lose is immune and you think Gambino is immune. Dewey you better stop this favoritism... Its honestly the worst ive seen it. You have even said ddos threats yourself. You joke about it all the time. Nothing is done because i dont have a recording?? Well anybody can vouch.
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    SG WARS I know, I know, the last Slayers tournament did not go very well (No offense Noobnz). I get it. However this time, things are gonna be DIFFERENT. Rules are gonna be stricter, and the tournament will take 2 weeks tops. I hope you guys enjoy, and good luck to you all. OVERVIEW: The SG Wars, as usual, will be a 5v5 competitive tournament, taking place on the 10-man server. -The teams will be constructed using a point based system like usual. Each team has a 50 point limit, with each rank going up by one point. This will be explained more later. - Each team will be allowed 6 players: 1 being a sub. - Maps will be chosen on the 10-man server, however the map pool is limited to only Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, Cache, Train, and Cobble. - Every match will be best of 1 until the Grand Finals, which will be best of 3. - Signups will end Saturday, March 11th. Any late entries will cost you 1 key. - I AM PLANNING FOR THE MATCHES TO BE PLAYED FROM FRIDAY, MARCH 17th and SUNDAY MARCH 19TH. CONSTRUCTING A TEAM: Each team will have a 50 point limit. The number of points a rank has is shown below: Silver 1- 1 point Silver 2- 2 points Silver 3- 3 points Silver 4- 4 points Silver Elite- 5 points Silver Elite Master- 6 points Gold Nova 1- 7 points Gold Nova 2- 8 points Gold Nova 3- 9 points Gold Nova Master- 10 points Master Guardian 1- 11 points Master Guardian 2- 12 points Master Guardian Elite- 13 points Distinguished Master Guardian- 14 points Legendary Eagle- 15 points Legendary Eagle Master- 16 points Supreme Master First Class- 17 points The Global Elite- 18 points Unranked- 10 points **KEEP IN MIND, YOUR SUB DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE 50 POINT LIMIT** - Once you have your team, please leave a reply in this format: Captain: NAME - POINTS NAME - POINTS NAME - POINTS NAME - POINTS NAME - POINTS Sub: NAME - POINTS **Each team needs a captain that I can get in contact with to discuss times.** - If you want to sign up but don't have a full team, please comment your rank so that you can be put in the post. Once signups end and you have not been chosen, I will select the highest ranks to choose their team out of all the people not chosen. - Once I have chosen who is playing who, the captains are responsible to see when their team is available to play their match. RULES: 1. All players must be active Slayers members. If you attempt to get a random on your team you will be forced to play with only 4 people until you can find someone else. 2. No cheating of any kind is allowed. If anyone on your team is caught cheating, your team will be disqualified, and the player cheating will be banned. 3. You can only have one sub, if more players are missing, you'll have to play with four. 4. Do not abuse the sub system. Lets say you have a silver 1 to meet the point limit, but you have an LEM sub. You may only use that sub if someone is not available to play, you can't just switch people out at will. 5. When subbing in a player, the sub cannot exceed the 50 point limit. For example, if you switch out a S1 for SMFC (monkey), the SMFC cannot exceed the team point limit. 6. You can only play for one team. 7. All Server/Community rules still apply. Don't break em 8. Finally, a new rule. To prevent this tournament from taking forever, as soon as I announce who is playing who, you must come up with a time to play within 3 days of the announcement. If your team fails to meet this deadline, you will be disqualified from the tournament. CASTING: CURRENT CASTERS: Noobnz, Warden Frostwater All of the games will be cast. If you would like to cast, please reply in this format: Name: Rank: Why you should cast: Keep in mind if you want to cast you have to be able to stream it, or have someone cast with you that can stream the match. PRIZES: 1st Place Team: - Each player will get 4 keys - 2017 SG Wars Winner Forum Badge IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO DONATE PRIZES THAT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED PLEASE DO IT LOOKING FOR A TEAM: YOU CAN USE THESE GUYS TO MAKE YOUR TEAM Pepe - GN1 (7 points) Jookbox - SE (5 points) X-ray - GN3 (9 points) Jake - SEM (6 points) Poop Giver - GN1 (7 points) Jekgog - S2 (2 points) Ghost - SEM (6 points) Brando - SEM (6 points) Zox - LE (15 points) Spanta - GN2 (8 points) NSLogic - S1 (1 point) Batpaws - GNM (10 points) Apollo™ - GN2 (8 points) Libyan - S4 (4 points) Diamond - SE (5 points) Hunt 4 the P250 Sand Dune - GN1 (7 points) <- MOST LIKELY WON'T BE THERE NEVER GUUD - GN4 (10 points) kenny2k - GN1 (7 points) noobnz - MG1 (11 points) Funky - LEM (16 points) SonnyyyD - S2 (2 points) <- MOST LIKELY WON'T BE THERE deathXangel13 - MG1 (11 points) mrpen - S4 (Silver 4) TEAMS PLAYING: TEAM NAME: THE LAW Captain: @Chondo - 10 Points (Unranked) Player: - @Mysticmints - 10 Points (Unranked) Player: - @Dewey ❤ - 2 Points (Silver 2) Player: - @Patches ☃ - 8 Points (Gold Nova 2) Player: - @Zeezo - 10 Points (Unranked) Sub: @President Evil - 5 Points (Silver Elite) TOTAL POINTS USED: 40/50 Points + 5 Sub Points TEAM NAME: Slayers Gaming Official Team Captain: @ebic - 17 Points (SMFC) Player - @D.R - 15 Points (LE) Player: - @themonkey - 5 Points (SE) Player: - @jw_ - 3 Points (S3) Player: - @Icehax 10 Points (GNM) Sub - @sc00by - ? Points (?) TOTAL POINTS USED: 50/50 Points + ? Sub Points TEAM NAME: Lose is a bitch captain: @fadee - 16 Points (lem) player: - @rpk - 15 Points (le) player: - @BaTPawS - 10 Points (gnm) player: - @Logic - 7 Points (gn1) player: - @Jekgog - 2 Points (s2) sub: @Gratata - 10 Points (GNM) TOTAL POINTS USED: 50/50 Points + 16 Sub Points TEAM NAME: Scrubs Captain: @Zox - 11 Points (MG1) Player - @✦Pepe✦ - 7 Points (GN1) Player - @Cubin - 10 Points (GNM) Player - @venomofthesky - 14 Points (DMG) Player - @Cheese - 7 Points (GN1) Sub: @NEVER GUUD - 10 Points (GNM) TOTAL POINTS USED: 49/50 Points + 10 Sub Points TEAM NAME: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Captain: @Dash - 16 Points (LEM) Player: @scoobyboobys - 10 Points (gn4) Player: @Spanta - 8 Points (gn2) Player: Ghost - 6 Points (SEM) Player: @X-ray - 9 Points (GN3) Sub: N/A - N/A (if anyone wants to be our sub hit me up) TOTAL POINTS USED: 49/50 Points + No Sub Points TEAM NAME: Shine Bright Captain: @Reticle | Diamond - 4 points (silver 4) Player: @Libyan - 4 points (Silver 4) Player: Redd cs.money - 11 points (Master Guardian 1) Player: @ImHybernate - 11 points (Master Guardian 1) Player: Vortex - 9 points (Gold Nova 3) Sub: Kree - 8 points (Gold Nova 2) TOTAL POINTS USED: 39/50 Points + 8 Sub Points TOURNAMENT BRACKET http://challonge.com/slayersgamingwars1
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    Just going to keep this short and sweet, nothing complicated. This upcoming Sunday between 12:00-1:00 PM PST I'm going to raffle off a factory new M4A4 Desolate Space. It's going to be raffled on the Jailbreak server, so just show up between the correct time and you're eligible to win. Good luck to everyone who shows up!!
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    Virgins do anything for attention lmao
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    "Hi my name is Seagull. I joined SlayersGaming in 2016 and I've had the best moments of my life on here since my mom doesn't let me shop at Hot Topic anymore. I am leaving since people think I am annoying." Seagull told me to post this because he gets anxiety every time he goes on SlayersGaming.com I am happy that he is leaving so in order to celebrate this moment I need your guys' help on posting funny pictures of this Seagull guy.
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    Hey peeps! I'm Zeezo and I joined Slayers a couple days ago on your Chess server. Make sure to +1 my app for admin. P.S. Fuck you @Cailen teehee jk
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    G I V E M E L I K E S
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    Never fails, every tournament, everybody turns into ravenous beasts.
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    1. Report abusing admins 2. We go through the admin list every month 3. Report abusing paidmins 4. If you pay for admin, you can still get stripped 5. REPORT ABUSING ADMINS Im pretty sick of people complaining about shitty admins but they dont provide any proof that the admins are shit. (this was just a rant, not directed at you)
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    No bias here, just gonna say what happened. Doggo asked how Pepe was ssa, then they both started bitching, so Pepe ended it by muting doggo. Then the second time he said he was gonna report him and kept talking so pepe muted him. Nothing abusive happened, they were both autistic though.
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    Trouble in Terrorist Town Punishment Guide This is a guideline for admins to use when punishing players who break rules. This will help to ensure all punishments are fair and will reduce bias. **When punishing players, always tell them what they did wrong, don't just slay them without giving them a reason.** Important Commands include: /slaynr <player> [rounds] /rules <player> | or show rules in admin menu General Server Rules for 1st offence Mic/Chat Spamming : 1 minute mute/gag for 2nd Offence Mic/Chat Spamming : 10 minute mute/gag for 3rd Offence Mic/Chat Spamming : 30 minute mute/gag etc. for Cheating/Hacking : Permanent Ban for Advertising/Recruiting : Warn the Player. If they continue to advertise/recruit then mute/gag for 30 minutes. Only then should you resort to a ban. for Admin Disrespect : Warn the player. Don't over react. If they continue to be a dick, mute/gag them for 5 minutes. If the entire server are picking on you, you've probably done something wrong so you should just take a break and not over react. for Admin Impersonation : Warn the player (or tell them to change their name if it is name impersonation). If they continue then ban them for 120 minutes. for Harassment/Bullying or Continuous Arguing : Warn the player(s). If they continue, mute/gag for up to 10 minutes. C. General Rules for Claiming Rooms/Areas : Warn the Player Verbally and/or via Text Chat. If they continue, slay them for that round being and show them the rules. for Prop Surfing : Warn the Player Verbally and/or via Text Chat. If they continue, slay them for that round being and show them the rules. for 1st Offence Ghosting : 2 Week ban only for 2nd Offence Ghosting : 1 month ban only for 3rd Offence Ghosting : Permanent ban for Spamming (e.g Spamming "E" on doors) : Warn the Player Verbally and/or via Text Chat. If they continue, slay them for that round being and show them the rules. for Traitors who are Delaying : Warn the player (tell them to actively search/kill innocents and detectives) - if they do this let them be. If they don't then beacon them. G. Random Death Match (RDM) for each ONE Intentional RDM : 2 rounds slay only for each ONE Accidental RDM : 1 round slay only for MASS RDM (3+ RDM's in a Round) : 1 day ban only for ONE RDM and Leave : 1 day ban only for MULTIPLE/MASS RDM and Leave : 1 week ban / Permanent Ban (depending on severity) for Intentionally Free Damaging a Player (for a decent amount of HP) : 1 round slay only for Intentionally Free Damaging MORE THAN ONE Player (for a decent amount of HP) : 2 rounds slay only E. Innocents/Detectives Rules Detectives: Killing players for disobeying orders : 1 round slay only
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    I call this work of art, Tablet on a tablet on tablets.
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    this was some prime likefarming ty to all who participated big ty 2 dooie and cailen as well
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    Support #Chondo4ROOT and I will exterminate @Seagull once and for all. Time for some propaganda! (credit to @X-ray lul)
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    Totally agree. Get this guy out of here.
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