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  1. Times have changed...

  2. New Donation from Gooby

    I have to agree..the TB's here are literal herpes in a bag. How they have not been shut down yet, I do not know.
  3. Minecraft Server

    I honestly would've thought Minecraft would have died before CS:GO did. omegalul
  4. New Donation from Gooby

    I support anyone that supports being a fatass.
  5. At least keep TTT alive

    No it wasn't but 2013/2014 was when it started taking off. I didn't jump on the bandwagon 'till 2015, stayed faithful to my beloved Source.. You guys are taking this WAY too serious now.
  6. At least keep TTT alive

    finally i can add this to my collection, thank you
  7. At least keep TTT alive

    Anyone that still plays CS:GO and takes it seriously is stuck in 2013. I know what I was saying, if you would have seen all my first posts, pretty much all of them were memes.
  8. Hi

    I would like to change my name to Weinsten
  9. Official Shoutbox Emoticon Suggestion Thread

    What are you, Dewey?
  10. Hi

    I've said it for a while.. the only way to have a professional community is to get rid of the kids. Hate to say it, been in their boat, but the constant autism was what drove me away.
  11. this is like getting back with your ex girlfriend

    You did.. but you guys never got me.. we won the next game
  12. At least keep TTT alive

    I was mostly memeing to be quite honest. I remembered the other night why I only play PUBG anymore. You took it way too much to heart. Same ol' Chondo
  13. At least keep TTT alive

    TTT and Surf were the least autistic parts of CSGO.. at least keep them alive. To hell with Trade, JB, and all that other shit. JB died when it was ported to CS:GO.