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  1. Giveaway #1

    me i want in
  2. id eat a steak right off a cows ass you trynna fuck with this
  3. Necropolis: BRUTAL EDITION Giveaway!

  4. Dewey's Free GFX Thread

    can you do something to my name in my picture like animate it make it to something
  5. New Donation from Dewey

    its drug money
  6. Harassment

    fuk u
  7. Gooby or Dewey

    bitch dewey
  8. A New Beginning

    deal ill take 2
  9. A New Beginning

    K Y S <3
  10. A New Beginning

    and @Seagull 200$ ranger you for got him chondo
  11. Toxic fuck

    neck yourself zeezo just because we restarted doesnt mean you dont owe me tour soul
  12. How many pubg games have you won?

    you ask me to play with your autistic ass like everyday and ive never seen you get more than 2 kills
  13. Hi

    fuck you