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  1. Oh this thing was reborn again?

    missed you much bro, glad to see you!
  2. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    are you real if you havent been banned? welcome icehax, think we've met but im unsure. hi anyways!
  3. Plue101 Needs Money and Monkey

    detassle bro, get your hands dirty. and why do you need money if you're 14? maybe that just me, but that seems like it shouldnt be a primary worry of yours.
  4. Plue101 Needs Money and Monkey

    what the fuck is this post????? Seriously, I don't understand. Get a fucking job.
  5. Re-Introducing myself-Exantic23

    cant say I know you, but I always respect a trade hustler. Welcome!
  6. need a new computer

    disagree, if you're overclocking, AS5 is the absolute best dollar to performance paste. I used cheap shit on Titan and I was having crazy heat problems. slapped some AS5, fucking money. Didn't use it on my CPU because I didn't have any on hand, although I would have. Well worth 5 bucks. @.dioZ obsessively check newegg for bundle deals. you can get a 7600k a sick z270 and a cooler or ram for like 400 bucks or so usually.
  7. Asuna <333333333333333 Introduction

  8. hi

    fuck off
  9. Giveaway #1

    you already know
  10. hi boys

    I'll never get the Praetorians. Legends. Welcome back my friend.
  11. HI

    dont tread on me
  12. Times have changed....

  13. Hi

    how many 7.1 Krakens do you have these days?
  14. kicks' GFX Thread