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  1. Do any of you remember me

    pussy eatta 255 @kicks
  2. RIP Net Neutrality

    Some congressmen are trying to get congress to review the FCC's decision through a joint action committee, and if they can't do anything about it, its still gonna be a while before any corporations make any big changes. Change like this doesn't happen over night. Trust me I know more about Net Neutrality than I want to only because I had to write a 10 page paper on it for my English final
  3. Tesla P100d is not a car !

    I myself would never own an electric car but I have to give it to the people of Croatia making the Rimac concept one. This fucking car not only beat a LaFerrari and an Aventador S at 0-60, but still pulled ahead the entire time Obviously no comparison to the P100D but it is all electric
  4. What do you want for Christmas?

    https://www.jomashop.com/audemars-piguet-watch-26401ro-oo-a002ca-02.html But I've already spent enough this Christmas
  5. Hey

    Hi naughty
  6. What's up

  7. Twitch set up

    I mean we have no conflict with them since we literally have no interest in csgo anyways
  8. Oh this thing was reborn again?

    Hi horse
  9. hi

    I remember when batpaws first joined the servers and everyone hated him instantly. Some things never change
  10. Giveaway #1

    Entry List https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O54X-Smo6bYZfaWJh-lsAFEmeaCoPwqbrC4LHMohPXo/edit Website I'll be using for the raffle https://www.miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/
  11. Giveaway #1

    PUBG Giveaway To enter this giveaway you must : Have a forum account on the Slayers Gaming website Be in the Slayers Gaming Discord Be an Official Member Own a copy of PUBG Comment on this post saying you want in Like this post Please The giveaway itself will be a raffle style, every member gets 1 entry. You are able to get more entries by getting new people to join the discord, make an account on the forums, and make an intro post saying who got them to join. Prizes: x3 And some other cheaper skins. The raffle will take place on 17th of December at 7 PM PST. Subject to change I reserve the right to change anything that I see fit and fair to this raffle.
  12. Hi

  13. Suh BOI

    Yea we’re not a csgo community anymore. We’re focusing on pubg and trying to get a server soon But welcome