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  1. Suh BOI

    Yea we’re not a csgo community anymore. We’re focusing on pubg and trying to get a server soon But welcome
  2. Minecraft Server

    Yea we can have a creative build weekend maybe thats a good idea
  3. Minecraft Server

    Yea on weeks that are more building focused with no greif ill add a plugin
  4. kicks' GFX Thread

    Right here kicks
  5. Forum Suggestions

    Im working on getting some pubg shit to give away, maybe at meeting, stay tuned
  6. Dewey's Free GFX Thread

    Thankkyou friend
  7. Dewey's Free GFX Thread

    Please make me avatar
  8. Minecraft Server

    Too keep this thing alive what do you guys think we should do? Comment any suggestions
  9. Minecraft Server

    Lets do biweekly so everyone has 2 weekends to grind it out . And maybe have a world barrier so theres more pvp and every couple of wipes we can do a building focused no griefing week, or a community type week
  10. Minecraft Server

    this got cringy faster than I thought it would
  11. Woah what?

  12. Minecraft Server

    Casual, with just some admin plugins for me to use to ban people and shit. All rules from community do apply to the server, along with no hacking