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  1.  nah this is what it was

    1. Zeezo


      That's what Slayers became. Not what it used to be for sure lol

  2. I'm retarded I found out how to enable the status updates.

    plz like i need likes like really

    1. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      I can fuck u if u want to :3

    2. Crocker


      That's even better ;) 

  3. Its been over a year, eyyy

    i remember you
  4. Plue101 Needs Money and Monkey

    Some places hire at 14 and pay cash I go work usually every Saturday for my dad and he gives me 20 a week
  5. hi

    Fuck man no one said they can't wait to strip me when I made my welcome post.
  6. Ban Appeal: President Evil

    Hey it's Mr. Crocker here. I'm selling some of the stuff I confesgated from my kids. First up we got this off white tee stole from chester, we got these supreme hoodie from aj, and we got timmys GUCCI PINK HAT. Starting bid at 100,000 bit coin.
  7. Giveaway #1

    I want it
  8. What's your favorite playlists

    It's the only place with logic's mixtapes
  9. The title says it all. Mine is https://soundcloud.com/user-478367055/sets/logicallsongsrnkg (I like logic a lot and those are all of his songs from logic: the mixtape to his new album everybody"
  10. Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 Thread

    ummm logic vinyls are on sale for cyber Monday.
  11. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Giveaway!

    If only I had steam
  12. December Community Meeting

    If a girl is there crbocker will be there
  13. December Community Meeting

    Umm crocker will most likely be able to attend.