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  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Giveaway!

    u know it! might as well enter cuz i know in about 48 hours im gonna be hearing from you "im bored ive got nothing to play" u fuckin troglodyte
  2. enter b4 its too late

  3. Since it's Thanksgiving and I'm feeling pretty generous right now and this game is on sale for an amazing deal (85% off) I thought it'd be nice if I did a giveaway. The game is truly a steal for only $8.99 and it's an even better steal if you can get it for free! :-) How to enter: Like this post, and comment below "thank mr. chondo" with your steam profile linked so I can add you when necessary or message you if you win. (Also a method of verification for myself so no horseshit happens) How it works: I'm going to put everyone who entered the giveaways name in a randomizer, whoever is picked, obviously wins the fucking game. I am only going to GIFT this game to you, so if you have the game, I'd appreciate it if you didn't enter. Please: Please have the minimum system requirements (pictured below, or go to the steam store page) and check anything else out for yourself. I will end the entry for this giveaway at 7:30 P.M. PST tonight, I want to be able to buy the game for the winner as soon as possible before I blow all my steam funds on other shit, try to at least be on your phone tonight so you can add me and receive your prize if you win. :-) Good luck, and have a great Thanksgiving! 💖 p.s.: if this post gets more than 30 valid entries, ill giveaway an extra copy. you're fuckin welcome ya cunts
  4. Make fun of me all you want but this shit is so nice to listen to when im about to go to sleep


  5. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! :-)

    1. Dewey


      Ditto my guy

  6. my man @Patches with the 200iq callouts so i gave him the hot carry


  7. December Community Meeting

  8. December Community Meeting

    The meeting will be in Discord, duh.
  9. lets all take a moment to laugh at this

  10. The December Community Meeting will take place on December 1st @ 6:30 P.M. (PST) The meeting will obviously take place in Discord. On December 1st we will have our first community meeting, we will discuss our plans for the Month of December, the Christmas Giveaway, and the introduction of Official Member Applications. In this thread you can suggest some things we should bring during the meeting, keep the replies serious so we can have an official list of discussions for the meeting. December Community Meeting Topics: Official Member Applications Christmas Giveaway PUBG Server Discussion Discord Perms Donator Benefits etc. (from your suggestions)
  11. SlayersGaming Official Blacklist

    November 22nd, 2017: Added: N/A Removed: Fortuna
  12. lets all take a moment to laugh at this

    Shoutout to everyone who talked shit to me back in May/June when I said PUBG was 10x better than H1 in any/every sense of a Battle Royale game, look at it now lmfao. Bunch of fuckin clowns
  13. Thanksgiving = the usual, food, dinner, w.e... Black Friday = maybe korean bbq with @Hype666 but they're prob closed. gotta postpone it. gonna be lit