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  1. Wishing the best to you too, horse. Congrats on all the weight loss and shit, takes a lot from a person to accomplish that. You're gonna have a bright future.
  2. New Donation from Dewey

    No debate, you're right. Being poor is a choice in this country.
  3. New Donation from Dewey

    @Dewey , How fucking shitty of a human being are you? Since this money is so important to you the only advice I can give you is stop putting 100+ hours of Gaming a month into actually getting a post-highschool education so you can afford a better lifestyle and not have to commit fraud. I hate to see people struggle financially, it really fucking sucks, but holy shit you bring it upon yourself.
  4. Hello

    Nope, but if that's you in your profile picture slide in my PMs
  5. hi

    right in time for the funeral
  6. Huh, a biased POV from the credit card scamming cancer lying dipfuck himself. What a surprise!
  7. hi

  8. Plue101 Discord Ban Appeal

    im confused, wasnt plue just asking (pretty much BEGGING) to be banned from slayers then the second he got banned he raged wtf happened
  9. Member :)))

    seems like u only came back for hypes giveaway but the deadline was the 17th im sure :thinking:
  10. pres is really rocking that ugly cunt in his profile picture oh my lord

    1. Hype666


      Dont worry my president will be handling her very soon 

    2. President Evil
  11. Giveaway #1

    nothing wrong here, everyone carry-on
  12. Giveaway #1

    weren't you talking shit on SG on the old forums? tf
  13. Oh this thing was reborn again?

    ur back!