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  1. December Community Meeting

    I work. Fuckin a
  2. "Royalty Gaming"

    The sheer magnitude of everything blows my mind. Slayers went from blacklisting Dewey and leaving the trolls that constantly fucked with him to blacklisting the trolls and unbanning Dewey. The new "Live and let live" mentality of Slayers is a good one. Fuck all that old bullshit.
  3. Dewey's Free GFX Thread

    Make me an avatar that is SG related. I'm far too lazy to give Any more ideas than that. I want a sig too.
  4. Harassment

    Have you never played pubg with Chondo before? Him calling you a fat troglodyte was very light compared to the verbal thrashing I receive when we play. I still have nightmares.
  5. Harassment

    Playful banter and telling someone to kill themselves everyday would probably be an example.
  6. Gooby or Dewey

    Just change it to Dewey. I'm never going to call you Gooby.
  7. Harassment

    In other words, leave the past in the past and don't recreate it for our future. Harassment really got out of control before so I can completely agree with the new stance. Well, it's not a new stance. It wasn't enforced like it should have been, by myself included.
  8. new slayersgaming

    I acknowledge your like and appreciate it to the fullest extent of the law.
  9. Times have changed...

  10. Hi

    Can vouch for this comment. Completely destructive and evil
  11. Hello

    Welcome to Slayers. I haven't seen you before so I look forward to playing games with you! Join our discord!