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  1. RIP Net Neutrality

    u got me there
  2. RIP Net Neutrality

    or u can just read what economist are saying about it
  3. RIP Net Neutrality

    ur actually a fucking retard if u think they wont fuck with internet speeds and shit like that, at&t literally tried to patent data throttling a year before net neutrality was introduced.
  4. RIP Net Neutrality

    The fcc is there to protect us, and it completely failed, repealing this is opening the public to isps exploitative business models that hurt consumers and competition.
  5. Tesla P100d is not a car !

    I had a lucid dream and in it I had a Porsche 911 gt2 rs it felt real and waking up from that dream and realizing I didnt have one made me sad
  6. What do you want for Christmas?

    2018 bmw m3 too bad I can't afford one
  7. Twitch set up

    lol, also why am i not member yet
  8. Twitch set up

    i don't think streaming to 2 viewers is really promoting the community
  9. is this good?

    Will a ryzen 3 1300x and a gtx 1060 mini 6gb be good for pubg? I want a better processor but I can't afford one
  10. Plue101 Needs Money and Monkey

    hes 14
  11. pubg devs are shit, they literally can't optimize their game at all
  12. Asuna <333333333333333 Introduction

    ur the coolest asuna ever
  13. need a new computer

    how long do i have to wait
  14. need a new computer

    @Chondo why did u delete me from ur friends list u cuck ill kick ur teeth in also give me perms this approval shit is gay