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  1. Asuna <333333333333333 Introduction

  2. Necropolis: BRUTAL EDITION Giveaway!

  3. Hi all good to be back :D

    Welcome back. :)
  4. Hi

  5. Should I buy these????

    I started building PC since when I was 5, there are a lot of educational videos that you can learn from to start building it in on your own, but if he is autisic oh well...
  6. Should I buy these????

    Buying parts and building it are much cheaper than overpriced prebuilt PCs.
  7. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Giveaway!

    Thanks Mr. Chondo. :)
  8. Dewey's Free GFX Thread

    An animated one like this with the pic I provided without the "Welcome to my profile".
  9. Dewey's Free GFX Thread

    Make me an avatar too please.
  10. New Donation from Ghost

  11. Times have changed...

    Welcome back.
  12. Toxic fuck

    Good to see you again Mystic
  13. Hello

    Nobody owes you a dlore