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  1. Hi

    good thing im not an a-rab ! HA
  2. Hi

  3. Hi

    Martin, I am saying this in the most serious manner humanly possible: On the RHG forums, you have a profile photo of mentally handicapped individual, in the aim to be funny and humorous. However this joke does not work because it is actually ironic, because you are in fact mentally handicapped yourself. You spam these forums with retarded one liners and videos of deformed and autistic individuals thinking it will somehow change your image as a cringe inducing troglodyte suffering from a legit mental disorder himself. It's like a 600 pound slob joining in with a bunch of people making fun of fat people thinking he is implementing some sort of reverse psychology tricking people into thinking he is not a 600 pound fat slob. Please stop and get help.
  4. Hi

  5. denied, you may apply next year
  6. good luck finding a job Zoology is the only good one since you can become a vet and actually earn a decent amont of money.
  7. poor cheese, but the comments are sadly true
  8. Hi

    nigga you better chnage your avatar to pokemane real quick
  9. hey dipshit, patches removed his root powers on here and on the servers, that means he cant set up any matches
  10. yo this video is funny as FUCK especially when the a-rabs shoot



  11. 13734291_630815797070709_155757118_n.jpg

    1. Gay Obese Ginger

      Gay Obese Ginger

      pres get the fuck on steam u fuck

    2. Mysticmints


      Thats cute as fuckin hell 

  13. this is the proper way to do it: floor it and keep bouncing off the rev limiter before shifting gears
  14. yea hitting the red line alot isn't good for your engine
  15. you remembered correct
  16. you wont pull as many bitches with the acura but atleast the mainteanice will be cheaper
  17. solution: marry someone whose not a feminist/dumb cunt
  18. i dont see roots get a free pass anywhere basically i said im giving him a pardon this one time since hes new here unlike you whose been here for years
  19. how do you know if its a joke or not ? LOL theres tons of screenshots and video proof of adolf and noobnz talking about knocking people offline and actually doing it and you just say they're joking and im not gonna do anything about it BUT if anyone else makes a ddos threat its not a joke and they will be perma-banned you're not going to take action cuz he's a root? he added some rooms to an existing map? he made some plugin? bravo
  20. well then you should since he gave you free reign to ddos, that's what this entire thread is about you and adolf have a bad reputation when it comes to IPs and ddosing, people are not comfortable knowing both you have everyones IPs after seeing whats been going on for the past month look at the poll, over half the people don't trust you guys
  21. the issue is you ddosing people and hiding up patches asshole when you get called out
  23. hey dipshit, if you don't want to be a part of this discussion stop coming back to this thread, no one is forcing you to come here
  24. lol @noobnz hey hypocrite, why are you giving people warning points for shitposting when you are doing that same fucking thing by posting irrelevant trump memes? are you that booty tickled about this thread?