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  1. New Donation from Dewey

  2. Im lonely someone play with me

    be in the discord around 4-7 pst we usually play then
  3. Graphics card

    you can upgrade your laptop gpu the same way you can get a brain transplant, just because you can doesnt mean you should
  4. Plue101 Discord Ban Appeal

    what type of logic is that? so it's my job to listen to your earrape and tell you to fix it? holy shit this kid is on another level of retard
  5. SlayersGaming Official Blacklist

    December 23rd, 2017: Added: Plue Removed: N/A
  6. Plue101 Discord Ban Appeal

    You've been banned literally a hundred times of the course of your time in this community. No matter how many chances you're given you continue to break rules. There's really no point in unbanning you. You NEVER learn. Your time here is over. Blacklisted. /thread
  7. Just as a disclaimer the server im taking about in this post is a modded server and not the custom servers we will also be running. Below is a great example of a Role play server back in the arma 2 days. The mod was called Takistan Life and allow people to role play as cops, civilians, or rebels. Watch to see the type of stuff possible. PUBG dev have said they want mods for their game and PUBG is pretty similar to ARMA in the sense its can open world online game. Hopefully soon server hosting will be available and people start making mods for the game too, I have no doubt a role play mod will be in the works.
  8.  nah this is what it was

    1. Zeezo


      That's what Slayers became. Not what it used to be for sure lol

  9. this is how slayersgaming used to be in one clip: harassment, racism, mockery and attacks


    1. Dewey


      and 9 year olds

    2. Jake



  10. The Monkey Member application

    Ok mankey I will unban you since you served out your ban like a good boy. I hope you learned your lesson and will not be committing any sort of harassment (including sexual) in the future again.
  11. RIP Net Neutrality

    since you claim im a "fucking retard", reading your previous post, explain to me in a few paragraphs, 5-10 sentences but under 500 words (single spaced) HOW the ISPs will hurt consumers and competition.
  12. RIP Net Neutrality

    "durre hurr teh corperations is evil"
  13. RIP Net Neutrality

    You realized today they voted to repeal the laws made back in 2015 that gave way too much power to FCC, which has a history of censorship. Repeal is a GOOD thing.
  14. RIP Net Neutrality