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  2. fuck lol ill miss yall niggas 

  3. fuck you zeezo u prob think ur hella cool and shit
  4. Last week
  5. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU: Itachuu ph.D Noobiology (BEST FUCKING JAILBREAK PLAYER EVER HASOFMASOPFMWE) Toasty (BEST FUCKING WARDEN EVER) Tina (BEST FUCKING REBEL FRIEND EVER) Flea (BEST FUCKING STAFF EVER) Prez E (FUCK YOU FOR SHUTTING DOWN THE SERVER, BUT I LOVE AND UNDERSTAND YOU) Darkness (SECOND BEST STAFF EVER, NICE BATMAN BHOP HACKS THO) FRANK (annoying piece of crap but <333) Other Realm (actually, i hate you) Valeek (U CHILLLL) 2Cold2Hold (lel we went to high school together and u didn't even notice me, i saw u tho ;^) ) Samuel L. Blackson (I FUCKING LOVE YOU) Mo (grow up and make me proud pls love) Bubble (soccer scholarship dude is pro af) Dai_Wang (BEST REBEL PARTNER 2) funsize (cute heH) maybe teemodafatpug (actually idk about u u are questionable) maybe Volen if she wasn't such a fucking piece of #$&@(*) Sora (screw this guy actually) Zeuss (whatever the heck your name was) Bill Murray's Dick (chill old dude) Cammy (cutest little kid ever) there was also that other little kid everyone meme'd about but i can't remember... Spiderman spidros or somewhatevershit his name was. He had this Vegeta meme pic soNe (SUNNY!) (don't really miss you but i loved the girls in ur steam pics) Keloy (lmao Indian boy u so fine teehee) LuckyMe (hope you're doing well, you seemed very insecure [like me] and shizzles, love u tho) Samusown (idk) Ragnaros (MY FIRST FRIEND AND NICE STEAM PIC) Raz (U FUCKING HOT) Skyon (piece nibba) Flyon/Pyon/Ryon/Byon/Nyon/idk some other -yon dude Nagato (U ME AND ITACHUU = THE ULTIMATE TRIO LIKE ME TINA + ITACHUU?? Prob not idk what i'm saying k sry forget this bye love u) Card (your rap skills and weed-vibe hella fucking lit and funny for that i love u) bronn (GL IN MEDICAL SCHOOL UR SO SMART OMAFPMAP AND FUNNY) There are probably many more people but i can't remember them all, sry. P.S. Throwbacks to pink-panther and sailor moon skinz
  6. Even though I only played/talked with you a few times, I wish you the best of luck, man.
  7. Wishing the best to you too, horse. Congrats on all the weight loss and shit, takes a lot from a person to accomplish that. You're gonna have a bright future.
  8. too bad but not unexpected. when you have a community full of the people slayers did eventually its gonna collapse, no matter how hard you try or who you give power to, since everyone always has different beliefs on whats right and are gonna argue about it like cucks until theyre all banned or left
  9. My time wasn't always consistent in the community. But when I think about the best times I had in one place my mind jumps to Slayers Gaming first. I'm not going to go down the list of names, but if we really chilled when Fetus and Friends was a thing or when JB was actually good, then you're probably on it. Slayers Gaming to me was a place I could always go to when my problems felt like they were stacking up on me. I'm really going to miss this dumb place. I wish the best on all of you
  10. Final good bye

    ill miss ya'll one the site goes down
  11. Final good bye

    good luck joey
  12. this shit is a dead community with no actual constructive criticism

  13. Earlier
  14. Final good bye

    bye joey
  15. Do any of you remember me

    yeah I remember those 3 times you cried
  16. New Donation from Dewey

    No debate, you're right. Being poor is a choice in this country.
  17. New Donation from Dewey

    Poor people choose to be poor debate me !
  18. Final good bye

    I’ll miss you Joey, Good Luck with your wife!
  19. New Donation from Dewey

  20. New Donation from Dewey

    Going out like a true gamer.
  21. New Donation from Dewey

  22. New Donation from Dewey

  23. New Donation from Dewey

    woah dude my money wtf
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