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Ya Boi Wrask Back At it Again

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Your In-Game Name: Wrask

Your Age: 17 ½

Your SteamID (MUST be formatted STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:1:118646631


Server you are applying for (mark only ONE):


[ ] Surf-RPG

[ ] Trade Lounge

[ ] NewbSurf 1/2

[ ] Jailbreak

[X] Trouble in Terrorist Town

[ ] Already Server Specific, applying for Private

[ ] Already Paid Admin, applying for Private


Do you have, and use, a working microphone? Yes I do


Do you have any previous experience being a server admin? If so, in which community or on which server? I had been a SSA for JailBreak many months ago and was planning to apply for Private but I had left the community because of school and my job.


How long have you played on the server you are applying for? TTT was one of the first servers I every played on when I had found out about SlayersGaming, So I would have to say around 2 Years ago when I first started.


On average, how many hours per week do you play on SG servers? It's Random sometimes. I do have a job now and I work 8 hours a day with only 2 days off, probably more since It's been getting busy, but I can say I have been playing around 1-3 hours a day.


Can you commit to playing AT LEAST 15 hours per month? Yes I can.


Do you visit the community forums often to check up on SG news/abuse reports/etc? I have not recently but I can start going back to doing that.


Please paste the link to the General Server Rules below: 


If the server you are applying for has specific server rules, paste a link to those rules below: N/A


Tell us why you should be considered for admin: I think I was a great fucking admin back when I was SSA. I had always wanted to make sure that if the server was having problems that I wanted to fix/help with it. I can honestly tell you that If i can get back to being an SSA, I will be the best SSA I can be.


Do you understand that abusing admin, providing poor admin duties, and/or not being active enough will result in the termination of your admin: Yes I understand.

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idk u stopped playing then u join back and pretty much the first thing u say is toxic. sooooooooooooo -1




plus u put 17 and a half like ur a 12 year old lol


also your already doing some dick sucking



the more i look at this shit the worse it gets lmao

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