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Warden Flamewater

Congrats to New Privates (some tips)

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Welcome aboard to the new Privates who got accepted.


(New Privates)




Libyan (lol) oops


(have been privates+ before)





As you are now Privates, you (should) be able to read this thread.


As a Private ranked admin, you now have access to all servers admin powers. Bare in mind, when you go to other servers, if you are unsure what to do (for example, maining TTT and you go on Trade to attempt to help) sometimes you'll need some help.


Here is an important tip you will need.

Whenever you are faced with someone's name that is either a similar name to someone else or have special characters, follow the process listed below.


1) Type status in console (default key: `) - if you don't know how to enable developer console, it will be found in your game settings.


2) A wall of text will bring up that will look like this. Every user on the console panel will be listed and have a different number.

# 48 9 "Asuna <3333333333333333333333333" STEAM_1:1:170574858 36:35 92 0 active 196608

# 76 20 "Warden Frostwater" STEAM_1:1:22901075 00:57 109 0 active 196608


What ID targeting refers to is you can use a traditional command, then an ID target instead of a name target.


Type /kick #48 wat to kick asuna.

Type /kick #76 aids to kick me.


This type of targeting works on almost all slayers in-game admin commands.


Have a good one folks.

- Warden

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here you go :)




If people are being racist and saying nigger or anything like that, we're not going to control/censor it.  

Online video games are online video games, suck it up snowflake.

Chondo 4/14/2017



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when you're left out xD


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