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Scam Report: Navyseals

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New form submission from Scam Report

Your name in game: PizzaLovingNerd (
Your Steam ID: CamCK
Suspected Scammer's Name: Navyseals
Suspected Scammer's Steam ID: steelersfan
Approximate date/time of the incident (include timezone): 3:00 PDT 4/21/17
Server this took place on (if applicable): Slayer's trade server
Items involved in the scam: AWP Worm god, SSG 08 slashed, p250 wingshot, and a bunch of other shit items
Explain how you were scammed: First we made a legit trade, but he told me that this (27 cent) skin had a rare pattern so it was worth 6 keys (Straight up lie). I asked to trade back, he said only if I give him my scout slashed for a bunch of shit items. He said if I did that he would give me the awp free. Thinking I would get my awp back, I played along. We did the trade, but he never gave any of my skins back.
Evidence (links, screenshots, videos etc.)(REQUIRED): This report is from about 5 hours after it happened, so some of the chat logs are gone :(. But I did get my trade history.

I know I was stupid for falling for this scam, but this forum is to report him, not get my items back

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13 minutes ago, Bill Nye the Nazi Spy said:

@Zeezo @Patchennopoulos @noobnz


Been almost a month...

Shut up pussy.


Sadly there is no proof. You have a screenshot of the trade but that's it. Please provide more proof if you would like us to punish this guy. I don't doubt your story but I can't go off of heresay.




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