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Admin Abuse Report: Kush, kush-ie

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New form submission from Admin Abuse Report

Your name in game: фarro! Winter
Admin's name: Kush, kush-ie
Server this took place on: TTT
Approximate date/time of the incident (include timezone): 01-10-17 14:39
What the admin did: Some person named Barstead12 kept complaining that I rdmed him and that I did not know how to play TTT and that I should get out and stop whining about it. He had a very impulsive reaction when I ignored him as I felt the need to ignore him not to cause issues, but he got even more irrated when I started to ignore him, He Freekilled me so I said in admin chat what happened so I would not get in trouble, then He kept complaining and bringing up the topic that I could not play TTT and I guess after 5-10 minutes it was still bothering him, Then I was using admin chat a lot because I was dead so I thought admins could hear me if I said what happened in admin chat so I did not use normal chat since i was dead and did not have VOIP access to exclaim myself. I got kicked by kush and I rejoined and said that whoever is kicking me should give me a warning first before they kick and then I typed in admin chat why was I kicked, then I got kicked again, then I rejoined and Kush said stop ghosting or you will get a 2 week ban. I was confused because I did not ghost and I did not know what was going on, then he Kush said if I use admin chat again I will get banned. So then I told the barstead12 guy to stop harrasing me and if he has a problem, we could handle it as adults so he can add me on steam and msg me what the problem is, ( praise in public, correct in public) and then he told me that nobody knows me here, and I said its okay but you don't have to harrass me, then Kush muted me and keloy said okay guys stop harrassing each other just dont talk to each other, which I used in the chat so I dont understand why I was banned when there was 3 or more admins on the server not doing anything. So I feel like the situation was not handled correctfully and responsibily, and others influences with favoirism interfered with fair judgement and trail pertaining to my ban.
Reliable spectators/players who side on your case (if any): Valeek, Kush, barstead12, Keloy,
Other admins on at the time (if any): Keloy Valeek
Video/screenshot proof (if any):
If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round: slayers_rooftops round number idk middle of round, was within 4-7 rounds.

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Good try bud, you kept t baiting barstead and when he killed you , you complained over and over again in admin chat to the point I had to tell you to stop using it. The following couple of rounds, on slayers rooftop map, you continued to t bait, and when barstead killed you, you said KOS barstead in admin chat, which is ghosting and should be a 2 week ban right there, but I gave you a warning. Aswell earlier when you were promoting LG in SG servers. After you joined back you continued to spam admin chat saying ' i just talked to higher admins about what you did" and continue to "call me out" at that point I had already warned you multiple times for overusing admin chat and I gave you a 60 minute ban. You should be lucky it's not 2 weeks for ghosting. 

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You could of been banned for up to 2 weeks for ghosting (which you did) so if I were you I would count your lucky stars that you got let off super easy.


We understand your frustration, if you were spamming the Admin chat it makes sense of why you were kicked twice.


I apologize for the inconvenience, as of right now; your ban will stay since it's only one hour and by the time I get all the Admins you listed to reply in this thread, it'll be past an hour.  But your report is noted and thank you for using the format, have a good one!


Report Denied / Thread Closed.

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