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Ban Appeal: aeifhaigxz |

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New form submission from Ban Appeal

Your name in game: aeifhaigxz |
Steam ID:
Server this took place on: Trade servers
[Optional] Map this took place on:
Admin responsible for ban: Ghost
Time of ban: 6:50 p.m 1.8.17
Length of ban: 1 day
Reason for ban: I said ez pz twice and Ghost got mad.
[Optional] Other admins present at that time: I'm not sure
Why should you be unbanned: Because I didn't continuously say ez pz and I am sorry and I won't ever do it again
[Optional] Screenshots/Videos: I don't have any
[Optional] Anything else you would like to say: It won't happen again :( I will be a nice boy

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Posted (edited)

I gave you warnings multiple times to stop disrespecting me and you continued to troll me for no reason at all, and you started to change names to avoid the mutes which is why I banned you for one day. Would you mind telling me why you continued to troll and refused to listen to me? Also, if you didn't change names, one of your "friend" had the same name as you which confused me, but I know that both of you trolled me and disrespected me.

Edited by MistaGhost

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Its one thing if he was changing his name and avoiding the mute but ive told this to you and other admins before.

We need to chill on the longer bans when it comes to admin disrespect. 

In this case its fine, a 1 day fine its justified.

But i see you guys banning people for days or weeks or even perm bans just for admin disrespect.

Trust me, it happens to everyone, just try to get some thicker skin.

But for this situation I trust ghost and im sure you were being an annoying shit, ban stays, its only 1 day.



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