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The Muffin Man SSA Admin App

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Your In-Game Name: The Muffin Man

Your Age: 17

Your SteamID (MUST be formatted STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:87608790


Server you are applying for (mark only ONE):


[ ] Surf-RPG

[ ] Trade Lounge

[ ] NewbSurf 1/2

[X] Jailbreak

[ ] Trouble in Terrorist Town

[ ] Already Server Specific, applying for Private

[ ] Already Paid Admin, applying for Private


Do you have, and use, a working microphone? Yes


Do you have any previous experience being a server admin? If so, in which community or on which server? An old TF2 community for a few months and here for roughly 7 months


How long have you played on the server you are applying for? Almost 2 years


On average, how many hours per week do you play on SG servers? 10-20 depending if anything is going on


Can you commit to playing AT LEAST 15 hours per month? Absolutely


Do you visit the community forums often to check up on SG news/abuse reports/etc? Always have a tab open


Please paste the link to the General Server Rules below:



If the server you are applying for has specific server rules, paste a link to those rules below:

Tell us why you should be considered for admin: My original purpose for applying back in the middle of 2015 was to aid in the flow of gameplay and help anyone that was powerless to do anything against rule breakers and people that make the overall experience less enjoyable for the rest. That still stands for me. Whether it be unoriginal wardens, nazi wardens, or just ct's that don't know what the hell they're doing, it makes people not have fun, and even drives some new players away. I still stand for what I applied for back in 2015 and would like another shot to show I can still be a valuable asset to the community by helping out not only the most populated other than trade, but my personal favorite server for awhile now. I'm sure its alot of others' favorite, too. So, as my overall goal to help the server as a whole and not only for myself is why I feel I should be considered for admin once more.


Do you understand that abusing admin, providing poor admin duties, and/or not being active enough will result in the termination of your admin: Yes, after getting too comfortable with my admin abilities last time cost me them, so I will be more vigilant about the way I use them and how I use them.

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Fuck off dood


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8ad697_c53f80b1001c489ca201e6366e256be1.                                            jZ8XCjpCQWWZ5GLhbjRAufsw3JXePHUJVfEvMH3D                                                   Twitch-Icon.png


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+1 Muffin was an admin before and he did his job well. I believe this will be one of the best applications we get this month.


S H I T O S T 

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?If Scarce? & my girl?? ? both drowning?? ? and I can only save one? 
? catch me at my girls funeral?? ? w/ a double upload?? 



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Used to be a Private.


Heck yeah, bring him back!


Stance: +1 (Support)

Current Community Events / Projects:

Chondo Wars 1v1 - [Click Here] - Concluding soon

Zeezo Wars III "Return of the Legend" - Coming June-July 2017 - Will be Co-Hosting this with Zeezo.

Coming Soon: ??? | Official Event Statement | Star Slayers Volume 2 - Forum (Coming Soon)


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Knows the rules is and expert player



Stance: Full support (+1)




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