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Crosshair color fix

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Well I have found that occasionally you get it where your crosshair

will blend in with the background and this bothered me greatly so

I found a way to fix this by having your crosshair colors change

while you fire your gun. Also only Works with classic crosshair

alias col f

alias f "cl_crosshaircolor 1; alias col d;"

alias d "cl_crosshaircolor 0; alias col c;"

alias c "cl_crosshaircolor 2; alias col e;"

alias e "cl_crosshaircolor 3; alias col f;"

bind mouse1 "+attack; col; -attack"

put it in line by line into console and you have to do it everytime you start csgo

Nico helped me with it so let me know how you guys like it or its its useless ect.

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