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President Evil

Jihad Mod

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this mod is what will put our JB a step above others

Since playing Terrorists on JB is the harder to play compared to CT, Ts will get cash rewards for each CT they kill and every round they win.

original mod:

jihad mod lets Ts buy a bomb if they have $16,000, then they can run into a crowd of CTs and blow them up, resulting in massive amounts of lulz. However we are gonna take this up a few notches.

for the first 15 seconds of the round you can type !buy or /buy as you don't want the CTs to see you typing that, will bring up a menu with items you can buy.

1. Frag Grenade - $3,000

2. Five-Seven - $5,000

3. Deagle - $10,000

4. Suicide Bomb Vest (Small) - $13,000

5. Suicide Bomb Vest (Large) - $16,000

notes:   for the bombs, only 1 T can purchase a bomb per round, this is to prevent bomb spam,

            after buying the bomb it will take 60 seconds for the bomb to arm, when it does the T

            can press "g" or the drop weapon key triggering the bomb to explode


SKIP TO 2:35 to see the bomb in action

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do you have the source code for the version you disabled on the server? I'd like to take a look at it,maybe see what I can do.

I was looking at a version of the css jihad code,seemed almost like you'd just need to add a few restrictions into the store is all.

and change ("sm_jihad_postsoundpath", "npc/zombie/zombie_voice_idle6.wav"

i'm not familiar with the games variables,and such though.

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So this hasn't been added yet because it is still OP? Maybe remove the deagle or put a high price on it an only give it 1 bullet?


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$10k for 3 bullet deag, can be bought during first minute, $3k for each adittional bullet
















Coconut_tree_christmas.png FOR TROPICAL MIX




i5 6600k @4.2gHz




Sapphire 390x Tri-X




Asus z170-P




EVGA 750w b2


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