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Slayers Gaming VIP Admin Guide   Reading and understanding this guide is very important Commands Commands can be executed two ways, in chat or in console (we highly recommend using console instead of chat) Example: The mute command in chat would be !mute someguy 15 micspam In console the command would be sm_mute someguy 15 micspam !mute Mutes a player's mic !mute [playername] [time in minutes] [reason] Example: !mute someguy 15 micspam or sm_mute someguy 15 micspam !gag Prevents a player from using chat !gag [playername] [time in minutes] [reason] Example: !gag someguy 15 micspam or sm_gag someguy 15 spamming !kick Kicks a player from the server !kick [playername] [reason] Example: !kick someguy exploiting or sm_kick someguy exploiting !models Opens the player models menu Important Note   names/reasons that have spaces in them will not work in chat since double quotes " show up as single quotes ' in csgo, so in this case use the console and use double quotes   Players in the server: ninjaman,  ninjadude, daffyduck, ice man   If you want to target ice man, doing !mute ice man 15 micspam in chat will not work as the target name has atleast one space, in this case it will put ice as the name, man as the time and 15 for the reason which screws up the command. The solution is to open console and do sm_mute "ice man" 15 micspam   same deal with the reason, doing sm_mute "ice man" 15 spamming chat will put only spamming as the reason, the solution is put the reason in quotes too sm_mute "ice man" 15 "spamming chat"   Important Note      You do not have to type a players full name to target them, you can type a part of their name   Players in the server: ninjaman,  ninjadude, daffyduck, ice man If you want to target daffyduck, doing !kick daf will work as the target name is unique   HOWEVER If you want to target ninjaman, doing !kick ninja will not work as there are multiple players with that name, but doing !kick ninjam will work, which is enough to differentiate the players      Admin Chat Admin Chat is very simple, in all chat (not team chat), simply start your message with the @ symbol Important Note    Please use Admin Chat for admin related purposes, such as warning players or if you need to say something important. Please do not use Admin Chat for general chatting or advertising if on the Trade Server.   What is considered admin abuse? Admin abuse is anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players, disrupts or ruins the experience of players in the server, or misuse of powers in any way. A Good Tip: If you are unsure about doing something, don't do it Some examples of admin abuse Beaconing, slaying, slapping, muting, gagging, kicking players for no reason Spamming commands which flood the chat Using commands on yourself to give yourself an advantage Using commands on players when they did not break any rules Important Note    Please do not punish players for speaking their minds or for calling you a bad admin. Slayers Gaming wants to give everyone a voice and freedom to say what they want. Do not confuse this with spam or harassment, in which case you are obligated to mute/gag/kick them.   Frequently Asked Questions Q: I have a question about something that is not explained here. A: Please post your question in this thread, and we will try to help you.   Q: What happens if I abuse my admin powers? A: You will be given a warning or be temporarily stripped of your admin powers(usually 48 hours). If you continue to abuse, you may be permanently stripped.   Q: Someone said they were going to report me, what does this mean? A: It means someone felt you were being abusive with your powers and made a report against you. You must reply to this report and defend your actions.   Q: How do I become a ranked admin? A: Admin Applications open at the end of each month, if you have proven yourself to be a good asset to SlayersGaming your application has a good chance of being accepted.  
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