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Rules for Jailbreak.

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---CT Rules---

1.CT's cannot camp armory

2.CT's cannot kill T's unless they are rebelling.

3.CT's cannot gun-plant. (Give T's guns and kill them for it.)

4.CT's cannot bait. (Stand near T's or inside them. T's are allowed to kill if CT's are baiting)

5.CT's cannot tell T's to do something that will get them killed.

6.CT's can enter armory if they need ammo or a T ran into armory.

7.CT's cannot break vents unless they are trapped.

8.CT's cannot spam nades or any type of throwable equipment.

9.If cells aren't open by 6:45, its an automatic freeday.

10.If warden dies and nobody calls warden for ten or twenty seconds(let you guys decide that) it is a freeday.

11.CT's have one minute to get their weapons and get out of armory.

12.CT's MUST have a mic to be on CT team.

---In-game Rules---

2.If a T is a rebel and LRs before the CT's find him he cannot be killed.


4.If a T enters a vent/rebel way or armory they are considered a rebel, freeday or not.

5.Detouring and Delaying ARE IMPLIED. This means the warden does not have to say "No detour or delays."

6.Freedays cannot be called consecutively.

7.AFK freeze and Freeze are two different orders. AFK = No moving mouse and no keyboard movement. Freeze = WASD Freeze, allowed to jump,look around unless told so.

8.If someone loses an LR they cannot run away.


10.Regular players cannot tell admins what to do.

That is all I can think of to be able to have a smooth running Jailbreak server. I will update over time.

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---CT Rules---

9.CT's must call warden the first 30 seconds of the round or it's a freeday.

12.If cells are not open by the first two minutes it is a freeday.

replace with:

If cells aren't open by 6:45, its an automatic freeday.


---In-game Rules---

1.First day is always a freeday

2.T's can LR no matter what, if they are a rebel it is the CT's choice to either play the LR or kill the rebel.


+Spectating CTs must not interfere or kill Ts during their LR.

+If a T rebels and is the last one left, and manages to type !lr, CTs cannot kill him while in LR.


cvars to add:

Mute Ts for the first 30 seconds of the round.

plugins to add:

1 CT:2 T ratio team balancer

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