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D0n V170

To-Do List

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Just a list of stuff that whenever someone gets bored, they can find something to do for the community.

Make video on porting maps.

RPG-DM Server:



-RTD, Double Jump

-RTD, High Grav

-RTD, Mirror Damage

-RTD, Weapon Jamming

-Godmode players can still be frozen. Not a huge deal, but kind of cheap if someone is good at knifing and can just keep that person in place until their godmode expires lol.

Weapons -

-Add sm_weaponmenu back.


-Check for amount of credits the player currently has, both for the loan feature and testing if selling works 100%

-Make typing rpgrank a global chat, so everyone sees what it is.

-Find a way to check others like typing "rpgrank nautik" would give me nautik's shit


-Newb_Conquer idea: Pull walls on the long edges of the jail, starting from the ground and going out like a surf ramp, kinda like air_arena, but no boost and just straight walls, no curves or anything, unless you think that would be better.

--- Check the map thread for map fixes, or make the video first and we'll work on the map fixes lol.



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Also to be done, just to add to this list here,

people are having issues with the /quake sounds we got going on in the sever now.

for myself it needs to redownload the sounds everytime the map changes,

also after the fact the sounds end up not working on the server itself for me.

Iv been hearing simmilar issues from people... not good

can we resolve this issue please?

thx a bunch

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