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mic icon plugin

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for the past few months surf-rpg has been crashing 1-4 times a day, i noticed the crash error was the same as other servers too


I decided to remove 2 plugins, skinchooser and the mic icon, the server stops crashing, I found it hard to believe it was skinchooser so I add it back, server still hasn't crashed, then I add back mic icon and it crashes twice in one day, i remove it and for 3 days the server didn't crash once


so we found the culprit, mic icon


on our servers we are using an older version(v1.2) of mic icons(with updated gamedata),

there is anew version of the plugin (v2.0) the problem is when you died it makes all players on your team glow solid white when some player on that team talked on mic, so we just went back to using v1.2 as the glowing issue doesnt happen on there



this only happens when you are specing while dead, it doesnt happen when you are spec'ing in general, you have to be on a team and dead




anyways I add this new version to surf rpg, its been running on there for the past 4 day and there have been 0 crashes, im assuming this new version has some changes in it that fixes the crashes


i've asked Fran atleast 5 times over the past week to fix it, he says he will but never does anything


Im hoping you can apply the changes that fixed the crashes to the older version of the plugin, or just fix the new version so players don't glow or make a brand new version from the ground up if you feel




*voiceannounce_ex .sp is identical in both versions






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